Size Of Diamond Research Paper

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How to Choose the Cut and Colour of a Diamond by its Size
Medium-sized princess cut diamond. Large round brilliant cut diamonds. Small-sized fancy cut diamonds. Yellow diamond. Orange diamond. Blue diamond. Red diamond. White diamond. Cognac diamond.

Just like people, diamonds are unique. They come in many sizes and colours and can be cut in numerous ways. Also, similar to people in the respect that works well on medium-sized memorial diamonds might not work well on large cremation diamonds, or small to medium-sized funeral diamonds, etc.

From huge to average to small, oval cut, brilliant cut, and cushion cut — we take a look at all the different sizes of diamonds and explore which colours and cuts compliment the different sizes of diamonds.
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“Small” diamonds in terms of carats, would be considered any diamond that is less than 0.5 carats. “Mini” diamonds would be considered those gems that weigh less than just one-tenth of a carat.

A heart-cut diamond is not a good idea when it comes to a little diamond, as it will likely make it look even smaller than it actually is. Rather, an oval or pear cut diamond create an optical illusion of making the diamond appear longer. For maximum gains opt for the emerald cut. While the light is not reflected as brilliantly as in some other choices, the reflective properties and unique shape work together to make the small diamond appear larger.

Pairing a small diamond with a stand-out colour can create a greater impact and overall appearance of the diamond and hide imperfections. Cremation diamonds are available in five stunning colours White, orange-yellow, yellow-green, blue, and red. A small emerald cut diamond in yellow-green would be a gorgeous pick that would give you the greatest impact with a small gem.
Cuts and Colours to Compliment Medium-Sized Funeral
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If the diamond is over an impressive two carats, it’s considered a huge diamond. Depending on the look you want the diamond to take on, there are a couple different cuts that compliment large-sized diamonds well. Fancy cut diamonds leave the greatest amount of surface area on the diamond, which makes it look larger than it actually is.

A large round brilliant cut diamond in red. A large round brilliant cut diamond in blue. A la rge round brilliant cut diamond in blue
The fancy cut diamonds tend to leave the largest amount of surface area on the diamond and, therefore, make your diamond look larger than do large round brilliant cut diamonds.

In addition, a coloured diamond can make your gem stand out in whatever jewellery setting you use. For example, a large round brilliant cut diamond in red, or a large round brilliant cut diamond in blue will boast a richness and uniqueness that will catch the attention of everyone who looks at your

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