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  • Aurora Research Paper

    the solar wind, the Earth’s magnetosphere, and the atmosphere. Due to its extremely high temperatures, the sun is mainly composed of charged protons and electrons, the fundamental building blocks of matter (Baskin and Fehr 1998). These particles are constantly being ejected from the sun in a fast stream known as the solar wind. The solar wind can travel up to 1.6 million km/hr as they exit through the Sun’s outermost atmosphere and into space. Solar winds can be very lethal to humans; however, the Earth has a magnetic field surrounding itself which acts as an invisible protective shield against these charged particles. This protective shield is called the magnetosphere, and it occupies a large volume of space thousands of times larger than the Earth itself (Baskin and Fehr 1998). The force from solar winds can distort the magnetosphere so that it gets compressed on the side facing the Sun (day-time) and gets stretched out as a long tail on the opposite side (Figure 1; Brekke 2011). The magnetosphere can avert these charged particle and prevent most of the solar wind particles from entering the Earth’s atmosphere (Baskin and Fehr 1998). However, during strong gusts of solar winds, some of these particles can penetrate through the magnetosphere, carrying with them their energy of motion. The charged protons and electrons from the solar winds can enter the magnetosphere through the polar cusp or by travelling along the long tail of the magnetosphere then turning around and…

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  • The Aurora Borealis

    They began to learn that aurora’s go along with magnetic 'storms ' and an unsettled magnetosphere (Odenwald). Scientists discovered that the Auroras are made from the flow of the charged particles that were entering the atmosphere. They as well came to the discover that the auroras came and went with the sunspot cycle. By the 20th century, scientists made Aurora’s in their private labs in order to get an understanding of how the auroras work and how they come about. Once television and the…

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  • Solar Wind

    discusses the important topics of solar plasma, solar wind, as well as solar flares and coronal mass ejections. It also looks at human abilities to capture and use solar wind energy to further space exploration and travel in more efficient techniques and methods. Space weather produces different types of solar activities that affect our Earth and those in space. Most inherently, the interactions between solar wind and its consequences on the Earth’s magnetosphere, including its shape and…

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  • Dangers Of Solar Winds

    earth in a few billion years. I am especially studying the solar winds, this is because I think that solar winds are more interesting than the others because they look as if they were more fun and had more things to talk about. The problem with solar winds is that they come to the earth from the sun and they are highly charged and can take down electric systems and can maybe even kill humans. Of course, we have a magnetosphere which protects us from this danger, but not completely, there are…

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  • Essay On Voyager 1

    This device is also interested in analyzing the magnetospheres of the planets. Specifically, it also collected data about the physics of the magnetospheres, as well as the density of the electrons within it. It was able to use this data to compare the magnetospheres of Jupiter and Saturn. It also collected data on wave-particle interaction. Scientists currently believe that light is both a wave and a particle, a concept that has yet to be fully understood, which is why data of this variety is a…

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  • Sputnik's 1-1 (Explorer)

    temperature sensors, and a micrometeorite detector “(Jet Propulsion Laboratory).” Although it’s primary instrument was the cosmic-ray detector, which revealed what seemed to be fewer cosmic rays in its orbit. Van Allen, then theorized that the: “instrument may have been saturated by very strong radiation from a belt of charged particles trapped in space by Earth's magnetic field.” “(NASA).” Two months, later this was confirmed by another U.S. satellite and became known as the Van Allen Belts,…

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  • The Importance Of Martian Polar Ice Caps

    survival of photosynthetic life. With this now possible, we can begin to turn all of that CO2 into oxygen through photosynthesis. Radiation from the sun, however, is still a concern to any life on the Martian surface due to a lack of an ozone and magnetosphere. Rebecca Slotnick believes she may have discovered the solution to this problem. Slotnick ran across some information mentioned by Robert Richmond of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center that a bacterium named Deinococcus Radiodurans,…

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  • Sunspots And Climate Change

    Earth through a colder climate. For instance, a Lomonosov Moscow State University researcher explains that if the theory of a colder climate is the effect the solar activity is true, then it will lead to a significant temperature reduction. However, the temperature reduction will not be as intense as the Maunder Minimum because our future minimum will last about 30 years. In addition, the sun currently has the lowest sunspot activity since 1750. However, the current decrease in sunspots can…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Human Space Travel

    about something that was resolved months ago. Just imagine what it would be like if we came across a problem that needed to be solved immediately. It is a common misconception that space is empty. It does appear to be a vast vacuum with nothing happening in most of it. Even though we are millions of miles away from the nearest object, there are still particles around. Our spacecraft has been exposed to all sorts of dangerous and deadly things. Without Earth’s magnetosphere and atmosphere, high…

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  • Mars: The Only Terrestrial Planet

    A magnetosphere is not required for rain to be present, but it is required to shield liquid water from solar radiation. Since the Sun 's radiation and the sun powered wind are always bombarding the planet, liquid water can 't exist; therefore, rain cannot form nor fall. Every so often, however, clouds do form and snow does fall. Clouds on Mars are very small and wispy and the majority of them are formed by carbon dioxide ice. Researchers believe that a few contain small water particles. Since…

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