Dangers Of Solar Winds

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The sun is the star we are orbiting, which gives us heat and more stuff. Of course, it is also potentially dangerous, it can cause skin cancer, solar winds, too much heat, and it will obviously end up destroying the earth in a few billion years. I am especially studying the solar winds, this is because I think that solar winds are more interesting than the others because they look as if they were more fun and had more things to talk about. The problem with solar winds is that they come to the earth from the sun and they are highly charged and can take down electric systems and can maybe even kill humans. Of course, we have a magnetosphere which protects us from this danger, but not completely, there are still dangers like when the solar winds …show more content…
Venus basically has an extreme greenhouse effect, what some people are surprised to know is that the material which has a bigger greenhouse effect is water vapor. Its greenhouse effect is very big, and what happens when something with water gets too hot, water evaporates and that becomes water vapor which makes the earth gets hotter plus the albedo plus the earth gets each time warmer naturally which basically ends up in an extreme version of venus. Venus does deflect the solar winds, but it is thanks to its ionosphere not the magnetosphere. The deflection is very interesting, since it is achieved by a bow shock, which basically heats and compresses the solar wind flow. The shock is closer to the planet and it is also weaker than would be expected from an ideal gas interaction with a perfectly reflecting obstacle. A problem is that the magnetosheath can interact directly with the neutral atmosphere through charge exchange and photonization. This removes the momentum from the flow, but the problem is also that both processes (charge exchange and photonization) add mass to the solar winds since the high altitude of the neutral atmosphere isn’t mainly hydrogen, but hot oxygen which has more mass. Venus also has a magnetotail but for a different reason. The thing is that the mass loading in the magnetosheath slows the …show more content…
That is also a bit because of the warmth in venus. So if earth were to get too hot we might end up like venus which would basically destroy the earth. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/50/Structure_of_the_magnetosphere-en.svg/525px-Structure_of_the_magnetosphere-en.svg.png

Luckily, we have our magnetosphere which protects us against solar winds as shown in the diagram

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