Argumentative Essay On Greenhouse Effect

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Global warming or climate change is the gradual increase of Earth’s temperature over time, through the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is the rising carbon level in the atmosphere, trapping radiation, and heating the Earth. Humans are depending on fossil fuels that release these emissions. Though we have increasingly started depending on renewable resources that don’t release these harmful gases into the atmosphere, we can already see the effects today and if this doesn’t stop now the planet will be destroyed. The human intervention that people have depended on with the environment is destroying the Earth. Some people want to do nothing, but if they do nothing then that is how they will be remembered in history, the person who did …show more content…
As Shaftel said, “We live in a greenhouse.” The radiation that pours out of the sun every second toward the Earth is filtered through the many layers of the Earth’s protective layers. It filters through the magnetic field, which the Earth creates from its metal core. This rids the Earth from dangerous charged particles. Then the sun’s energy goes through the atmosphere and filters out other higher-level radiation. Then the normal light that people get every day hits the surface of the Earth and acts as heat. Then, Shaftel says,” About 90 percent of this heat is then absorbed by the greenhouse gases and radiated back toward the surface.” The radiation bounces of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and heats the surface. Every time it hits the surface, heat is lost from the surface absorbing it and heating up. The more greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere, the more this effect is intensified. Some people believe this doesn’t exist and it is controversial among many political discussions, but this is a scientific conversation and should probably be questioned by other

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