What Is Differential Heating?

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Differential heating occurs when the earth leans and rotates around the sun that heats the globe year long. Because of so many changes of solar radiation, lower latitudes have more energy than the higher latitudes from the sun. Some locations on the same line of latitude will have different weather depending on how close or far they are to the oceans. Also lakes and rivers reduce the heat temperature because of the large amount of water they hold. When the atmosphere heats up it creates pressure, and different pressures create wind or breeze. Placing windmills near places that have lots of wind power, like oceans, valleys, and mountains is a good idea to get rid of pollutant in the air that causes people breathing problems. Differential heating …show more content…
The wind carries heat from the Equator to the Poles, and from day to the night side and this is where the rotation comes in to help it along. When the atmosphere is thick then the winds are efficient in circulation. This is not the case when it comes to the moon because there is no air and there can 't be any effect on it either. The temperatures on them moon range from very low on the night side and very high on the day side, so there is no moderate level. Greenhouse gases also hold the heat of the planet, when the sunlight shines down on the planet it gives back that extra heat and sends it back in to the space. I would expect to find wind power near the coastlines, mountains and valleys. I would propose to put windmills for energy in Texas, Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas are just to name the few regions that are suitable for placing windmills in the United States. When considering creating windmills in the United States, it will cut down on lots of pollutants in the air like carbon dioxide. Pollutant in our air is causing people to have so many problems including astma and other respiratory problems that effect …show more content…
regions in the same line of latitude can experience different range of temerature because of the elevation and how far they are from the ocean. Clouds create short wave insolation and absorb long wave radiation leaving when leaving the earth. Water vapor is also important to the climate as it will release greenhouse gas that is produced near the oceans. The wind is the result of heat from the sun and the circulation of different heat creates the wind in the mountains and oceans. By placing wind mills in places where there is a lot of air pollutant, it could get rid of all the diseases that make us sick like astma and other toxins that are not visible to the human

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