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  • Rebar Essay

    Design and implementation of an Electronic system for identification of rebars in reinforced concrete. Abstract- In this paper non-destructive method is implemented in which magnetic self-designed sensor is used to detect position of rebar in reinforced concrete. During the renovation of old buildings it is necessary to locate rebar accurately to avoid damages in construction. This is achieved by Magnetic sensor which is made up of E-shaped core also primary and secondary windings. Due to presence of rebar output of sensor varies. Rotary encoder is used to measure distance between rebar. Display is used to display results. This is portable device that you have to move on wall or column for desired output. Keywords: Arduino mega, Rotary encoder, Magnetic sensor, SD Card module. I. INTRODUCTION To inspect the rebar using ant non-destructive method has been a challenging task, especially since they are embedded in prestressed concrete. Visual inspection is not efficient and useful method as it fails to locate rebar accurately. Magnetic sensor used for locating reinforcing steel present within in concrete work on the principle that the steel affects the alternating magnetic field. So this paper discusses development of system by utilizing maximum possible information from magnetic effect on rebar. A…

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  • Michael Faraday And Oersted Compare And Contrast

    Jacob Schuster Comparing and Contrasting Michael Faraday and Hans Christian Orsted Michael Faraday and Hans Christian Oersted were both Chemists and Physicists in the 1800’s. They both discovered the connection between magnetism and electricity. This paper will give backgrounds on both Faraday and Oersted and will compare and contrast their works. Michael Faraday was born in London on September 22, 1791. He was the first person to produce an electric current from a magnetic…

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  • Callaway Golf Case Study

    Callaway Steelhead XR Irons: There are motor-heads. There are rock-heads. And then, there is steelhead. Steelhead XR irons are the latest offering from Callaway. Allow starting the section by qualifying the aforementioned statement. The steelheads irons are the foremost flagship offering of the Callaway. Golf aficionados’ would agree that golfing, steelhead and Callaway are almost synonymous. In the past, Callaway offered many series in the flagship starting from X-14 through X-22. However, the…

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  • Permanent Magnet Research Paper

    Oscar Padilla Oscar Padilla 11-13-17 Mr. McMahon Period 1 Magnetic field strengths My science project is about homemade electromagnetic magnets and permanent magnets strength on heat and cold temperatures. I'm going to accomplish this by making three sets of electromagnets and permanent magnets in hot temperature, room temperature and cold temperatures to see how would they be affected by the different temperatures its put in. But the dependent variable is on the magnetic field…

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  • The Properties Of Dielectric Materials

    1.1 Dielectric Materials Dielectric materials are insulating materials that exhibit the property of electrical polarization. Dielectric materials support charge by acquiring a polarisation in an electric field. 1.1.1 Electric susceptibility and permittivity When a capacitor with capacitance C0 is filled with a dielectric material, its charge storage capacity (capacitance) increases to a value of C. Than susceptibility (χ^') of the dielectric materials is given by χ^'= (C-C_0)/C Dielectric…

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  • Polarization In Antenna

    Polarization in Antenna Polarization is the basic thing used in transmission antennas for the propagation and reception of the signals. As we know that antenna emits electromagnetic waves in the space for the communication purposes. These two types of waves as depicted by the name Electro-Magnetic is a combination of electrical and magnetics fields. These two waves are mutually orthogonal i.e. oriented at an angle of 90o with each other. The general wave form is given as Fig: Electromagnetic…

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  • Differences Between Machine And Induction Machine

    Literature Review: In this part, a survey of existing work and literature relating to the project is covered. The differences between PM machine and conventional AC machines Induction machine is also called “asynchronies machine”. The rotor is placed in a rotating magnetic field and thus a rotating force can be attained. The rotor is a rotating conductor and is mainly produced in cage shape. The stator generates the rotating magnetic field. The rotating of the magnetic field is not achieved…

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  • Magnetic Field Therapy Research Paper

    Magnetic Field Therapy Danielle Scott Vermont Technical College Magnetic Field Therapy Magnetic field therapy should be used as a complementary and alternative medicine before pharmaceutical interventions to treat patients. Magnetic field therapy penetrates the entire body and has fewer side effects. Magnetic field therapy has many benefits to offer patients to maintain health and treat illness. Magnetic field therapy provides a non invasive, safe, and easy method. The physiological…

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  • Oersted's Theory Of Magnetism Essay

    that neither his nor Oersted’s experiments were the first to realize the fact that electricity and magnetism are interconnected. However these individuals’ works were not acknowledged due to the fact that they did not publish their findings for the rest of the scientific community to see. Swift publications of experiments are seen as more important to people who confirm that experiments and findings are valid. Davy proceeded to copy Oersted’s experiment to prove that electricity and magnetism…

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  • Magnetic Hysteresis Effect Of Magnetoresistance Effects

    Results An initial resistance versus magnetic field measurement on NdMo16O44 reveals a pronounced magnetic hysteresis effect when a magnetic field is applied perpendicular to the current, but with unknown orientation with respect to the crystal axes, as shown in Fig. 2a for temperatures from 12K to 30K (at temperature below 12K, the overall resistance is too high to produce low-noise measurements with resolvable magnetoresistance features). The individual plots are offset to better show the…

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