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  • Research Paper On Taylor Swift

    Seven time Grammy winner Taylor Swift has dominated the music industry the past few years. 2014 was even dubbed 'The year of Taylor Swift ' because of all she did. Swift came from being bullied in high school to now playing sold out arenas and stadiums. She has done things in music that have never been done before. Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989 in Reading, Pennsylvania. She spent her early years in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania on her family 's Christmas tree farm. Her first hobby was horse riding, but at the age of nine she turned her attention to musical theater. Taylor was singing in local events at ten years old. She sang the national anthem at a Philadelphia 76ers game when she was eleven. The next year, she started seriously writing music and taught herself to play the guitar. It was around this time when Taylor began taking trips to Nashville, Tennessee to try and get a recording contract. She begged her parents to move to Tennessee to be closer to the capital of country music, and they finally made the move to Hendersonville. She endured bullying throughout middle school and high school, and her dream of getting to play in front of huge crowds is what got her through it. She didn 't have to wait long after moving to get discovered, because it was at the age of fourteen that she secured an artist development with RCA records. Taylor left this artist development a year later because the record company wasn 't giving her artistic freedom. She continued…

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  • Freshmen Fifteen Essay

    Although a popular notion among first-year university students, the "freshmen fifteen" is a serious issue related to student stress, depression, and poor eating habits. This notion is common on social media and university campuses. Weight gain during the beginning of post-secondary for first-year students is shown to actually average about 5 lbs (Vella-Zarb and Elgar 161). Only recently has the idea behind the ‘freshmen fifteen/five’ caught the attention of the scientific community (Vella-Zarb…

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  • Freshman Fifteen Research Paper

    Every year, many BYU freshman gain the dreaded “freshman fifteen,” fifteen pounds of weight that students gain the first year they attend college. Although it may seem harmless, the freshman fifteen is the result of poor eating habits, which can lead to many negative consequences such as eating disorders, mental disorders, and even obesity. If the freshman fifteen can be prevented, the likelihood of BYU students experiencing these negative consequences can be decreased. In this paper, I will…

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  • Fifteen Dogs Character Analysis

    In André Alexis’ novel, Fifteen Dogs, it is demonstrated that having an intellectual advantage can negatively impact one’s life. The canines in this novel aspire to be regular dogs, having been granted the “gift” of intelligence; however, this “gift” is anything but that. The “gift” of human consciousness and language allows the dogs to analyze situations and feel emotions, which they were not able to do before. The introduction of these abilities to the dogs’ lives causes them to be…

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  • The Freshman Fifteen: A Content Analysis

    The freshman fifteen is a terrifying aspect that haunts the minds of insecure college students that become all too aware of their body type and appearance when they enter a huge community such as a University. It’s a change, to surroundings, mental well-being, and physical health. Young adults come to a college forced to make all their own decisions and health choices, which by all means can result in drastic effects to physical health and mental well-being. With this in mind, I believe every…

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  • The Importance Of Language In 'Fifteen Dogs'

    The story demonstrates how the relationship between individuals and the pack grows incrementally divergent, and how the language as an embodiment of human intelligence stratifies the pack hierarchy and complicates the dogs’ communication to the humans. In the story “Fifteen Dogs”, the author André Alexis frequently uses personification and anthropomorphism to vivify the dogs’ behavior. The attitude towards the introduction diverges as some of the dogs do not like it, while the other dogs like…

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  • Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals Summary

    “Advertising’s Fifteen Basic Appeals” by Jib Fowles outlines the fifteen different areas in which advertisers try to manipulate the average consumer's mind by showing how they would be happier, accepted more, or better looking if they would buy a certain product. He delves into the structure of advertisement and sets a microscope on how the industry exploits the need for attention, aesthetic sensations, fulfill physical needs and etc by playing on the emotions of the human mind. Fowles states…

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  • Fifteen Year Old Girl Summary

    For this particular article, it discusses a three year old girl who was sexually abused by a twelve and fifteen year old girls. Katie started to fully give a description of what happened to her and her mother, Carol, was shocked by this. It's not everyday that you would think a three year old would get abused sexually. Carol states, “I was horrified. You can't imagine how guilty you feel when you know that you allowed people that do so much harm to be near your child, let alone to have inflicted…

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  • Fifteen Person Colony Case Study

    There are a few main factors in a fifteen person colony to really consider when planning their future. These include: location, supplies, people, and tasks. All of them, coming together, are our best decisions that have been made to benefit the people. Addressing location, this was the core of some of the main decisions, since the landscape influenced the rest of the other categories the most. Selecting site three, we have open land for farming as well as hostile Native Americans that inhabit…

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  • The Importance Of Human Intelligence In Fifteen Dogs

    According to Hermes, the messenger of the Greek gods, “Human Intelligence is not a gift. It is an occasional plague” (15). Many people on earth become distressed, troubled or conflicted in life due to their intelligence allowing their conscious mind to experience harmful events. The human mind is not a gift; rather, it is a curse given to humans to endure and suffer from. This curse is seen in the novel Fifteen Dogs by Andre Alexis, as human intelligence allows a pack of fifteen dogs to create…

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