Benefits Of Magnetic Field Therapy

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Magnetic Field Therapy
Danielle Scott
Vermont Technical College

Magnetic Field Therapy

Magnetic field therapy should be used as a complementary and alternative medicine before pharmaceutical interventions to treat patients. Magnetic field therapy penetrates the entire body and has fewer side effects. Magnetic field therapy has many benefits to offer patients to maintain health and treat illness. Magnetic field therapy provides a non invasive, safe, and easy method. The physiological bases for the use of magnetic fields for tissue repair as well as physical principles of dosimetry and application of various magnetic fields. Dr. Pawluk 's (2016). philosophy is our legacy prior to and after this physical existence is much grander
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Negative magnetic therapy can also cause a calming and sleep inducing effect on the brain and body. According to Dr. Philoptt (2002) melatonin has been shown to be an anti stressful, anti aging, anti infectious, anti cancerous, and produce free radicals. There are thousands of diseases that are led by stress, infections and aging magnetic therapy can contribute to the treatment of these stressors.
Pain and Injuries According to Dr. Marcus Laux (2009) patients suffering from the painful symptoms of diabetic neuropathy enjoyed significantly less burning, numbness, tingling, and exercise-induced foot pain when treated with magnet therapy. These benefits occurred gradually, over about four months ' time. Studies show that a magnetic field has a direct effect on nerves by inhibiting their ability to chemically transmit the electrochemical message of pain from one neuron to the next. The negative magnetic field inhibits infectious microorganisms, eliminates toxins, relieves inflammation and edema as well as facilitates cellular repair causing oxygen melatonin and growth hormones to be
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