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  • Assembly Line History

    be handled. This process removed the movement of workers and overall hassle that was not necessary to operate. Even a simple assembly line saves money and allows for the production of more goods. In 1901, one of the first people to use an assembly line, (more sophisticated than trolleys and chains), was Ransom E. Olds, of Olds Motor Works. The workers of his factory put car chassis on wooden platforms that had casters underneath so they could roll them from one work area to another (Nye, p.13). One of his first cars, the “Oldsmobile Runabout” was the first mass produced car that was affordable, as well as the first car to be made using an assembly line. It sold for $650 from 1901-1907 with around 19,000 units being produced (Ford, p.85). For a car maker back in the early 1900s, that was a massive amount of cars. Ransom E. Olds used the assembly he designed and became very successful with it. Though he died in 1950, Oldsmobiles were made until 2004, that makes for 107 years of production (Olds Foundation). Other car makers at the time such as Brush and EMF automotive started to upgrade their existing manufacturing processes but couldn’t make it work as well as Ransom Olds did. The assembly line was widely used in all areas of mass production but, was especially important in the automobile industry since during transition from the 1800s to the 1900s, the automobile was still quite new and rendering them affordable was a good way of making them popular. Everybody…

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  • Kidnapping In O. Henry's Ransom Of Red Chief

    Imagine this, you owe need some money quick but you there isn't anything for you to do to get the money. But then an opportunity arises in which evolves kidnapping, you immediately take it but it didn't go as planned. This is what happened when the two kidnappers, Sam and Bill, had taken a little boy for some money. Sam and Bill had taken a little boy from Ebenezer Dorset, who was a “prominent citizen” and a respectable father. The kidnappers had it in for them though, the kid was a little…

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  • Irony In The Ransom Of Red Chief

    their family for ransom, and then trade the target for the ransom. However, kidnapping the wrong person can be a big mistake. In the short story, “The Ransom of Red Chief”, by O. Henry, Sam and Bill, two small time criminals, kidnap a ten-year-old named Johnny Dorset. They intend to ransom him off, but Sam and Bill are unaware of the ten-year-old’s rowdy behavior. Johnny’s tortuous games compel Sam and Bill to create a plan to return Johnny to his father for fifteen thousand dollars. However…

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  • Essay On D. B. Cooper: The Unsolved Hijacking

    open and still unsolved. Although it may never be proven whether D.B. Cooper lived or died after his attempted hijacking, there is definitely reason to believe that he could have survived the jump. It all started on the day the before Thanksgiving when a man under the name of D.B. Cooper purchased a plane ticket to Seattle. During the flight, this mysterious man slipped a note to the flight attendant informing her that he has a bomb and commanded her to tell the pilot (“D.B. Cooper”). Then, he…

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  • How Does Walt Whitman Use Diction In O Captain My Captain

    In 1831, at the age of twelve, Walt Whitman began working for his local newspaper. He soon fell in love with the written word and started writing his own poetry (“Poet Walt Whitman”). Fast forward to the turn of the 20th century, and Whitman has already made a name for himself as one of America’s most influential poets. Two of Whitman’s most esteemed works are “O Captain! My Captain!”, written in 1865 to reflect on Abraham Lincoln's death, and “O Me! O Life!”, written in 1891 to contemplate…

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  • Symbolism In Anyone Live In A Pretty How Town

    almost complete. His love for Daisy has shift his way of thinking. Even though little things that most people do not notice, they still do remind Gatsby of Daisy. Gatsby’s parties also represent something more than it just being a big flashy party. Gatsby has used these parties to get to Daisy when Gatsby himself does not like them. He has changed his personality because now he has to interact with people hoping that one of them associates with Daisy. People in these times were so obsessed with…

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  • Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town Analysis

    Throughout history, human civilizations have been built on conforming to social norms. Likewise, there have always been individuals, throughout history, who have ventured outside of those norms, many times to the dismay or even apathy of their respectively societies. E.E. Cummings’ “anyone lived in a pretty how town,” is perfect example of how individualism is viewed in a conformist society, as well as sheds light on the poet’s own views of conformity. Although conforming to social norms is how…

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  • Analysis Of E. E. Cummings

    poems written with incorrect spelling and punctuation? Then you would be thinking about E. E. Cummings! E. E. Cummings was birthed upon the world as Edward Estlin Cummings in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1894. He developed a unique style of writing at an early age, being influenced by both Impressionism and Cubism, and grew up to study at Harvard University. The poet would become a famous writer, but while he was alive, his work was mostly left unnoticed because of his different direction when it…

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  • Ambiguous Diction In 'Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town'

    The poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town” by E.E. Cummings describes the life of a man who the townspeople do not care for because they obsess over improving their own lives with insignificant objects. The man lives, falls deeply in love, and eventually surrenders to death. Yet, the townspeople pay no attention to his death because they “are busy folk,” running around infatuated with things that do not matter (line 27). Little do they know that death will soon take them also. E. E. Cummings,…

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  • Karen Cangialosi's Healing Through The Written Words

    Examining the Powers of Writing Many people suffer through traumatic events in their lives and need a source to help them heal. Karen Cangialosi works to inform people of this source. “Healing through the Written Word” exposes the mental and physical benefits of writing. Although scientists do not understand why writing can reduce the number of doctor visits needed. It has been proven that writing increases immune function and decreases blood pressure. When writing to heal, grammar and…

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