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  • The Definitions Of Linear Regression

    Linear Regression By p Nitin Feb 16, 2013 Linear Regression Definition states that it can be measured by using lines of regression. Regression measures the amount of average relationship or mathematical relationship between two variables in terms of original units of data. Whereas, correlation measures the nature of relationship between two variables. i.e.., positive or negative or uncorrelated. Regression is used for estimating the value of one variable if you know the value of other variable. i.e.., One of the variable is independent variable and other variable is dependent variable. Let ( Xi , Yi ) ; i = 1, 2, 3, ...................n the n pairs of observations are given now plot all these points in XY-plane which reserves a scatter diagram.…

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  • Linear Kriging Essay

    The Kriging weights w_i1,w_i2,w_i3,…w_ik can be used to estimate the fair value of VA contracts x ⃑_i by the following formula, y ̂_i=∑_(j=1)^k▒〖w_ij∙y_j 〗. The kriging weights can be calculated by the following linear equations, Where the is a control variable, which is used to make sure that ∑_(j=1)^k▒w_ij =1. V_rs=α+exp⁡(-3/β D(z ⃑_r,z ⃑_s,λ)),r,s=1,2,3,…,k, D_ij=α+exp⁡(-3/β D(x ⃑_i,z ⃑_j,λ)),j=1,2,3,…,k, The D(.) function is the distance function mentioned in the clustering section,α≥0…

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  • Summary: The Decipherment Of Linear B

    Chadwick, J. 1958. The Decipherment of Linear B, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. In this article, Chadwick’s discussion is two-fold: I. Interpretation of the Linear B tablet founded in Crete. II. When the Minoan script of Linear A became extinct. As suggested in this article, Evans hypothesises the script of Linear B was a modified form of the Minoan script Linear A. Thus, this article deduces that the decipherment of Linear B is the most important piece of archaeological evidence for…

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  • Linear Regression Model

    needs to be a further studies with more countries to see which electoral system has the highest turnout. The AV electoral system has about an average of 95% turnout while FPTP is about 69%. This means there is about a difference of 30% between these two electoral systems. STV and TRS have the same turnout of 75% in each of the electoral systems. After, analyzing all three figure starting with a general figure to more in depth of electoral system and average turnout. This does upheld the question…

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  • Linear Programming And Mathematical Optimization

    Linear programming which is also known as “Linear Optimization” is a way to achieve best outcomes in a Mathematical Model using different linear solutions .Linear Programming is a special case of Mathematical Optimization .Linear programming can be applied to a wide variety of fields of study, and has proved useful in planning, routing, scheduling, assignment, and design, such as in transportation or manufacturing industries. The method of Linear Programming was originally developed by American…

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  • Linear Regression Analysis Paper

    the paper focuses on analyzing historical data with a view of forecasting expected monthly sales. The case requires monthly sales to be projected, given the assumption that the actual monthly sales are correlated with the number of hits on the company’s website in the previous month. Consequently, the historical data on actual sales and number of hits are both used to forecast the expected sales over a period of three months. Notably, forecasting entails application of simple linear regression…

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  • The Importance Of Optical Linear Encoder

    Determining the location of our fixture in space may seem like a simple task but if our goal is precision then we need to know exactly where our platform and ball screw are located at all times. To accomplish this goal, we will need to use a combination of encoders and dial gages to keep position and to check our position and precision. Encoder/Glass Scale A linear encoder is the typical way that CNC machines measure motion. It’s electro-mechanical device that creates digital signals that…

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  • Linear Programming Problem: The Simplex Method

    4 The Simplex Method As we have seen, a linear programming problem forms a convex polygon in the best possible scenario. It is imperative to obtain a process that would assist in determining the optimal solution without the need to examine the graphical representation. The need for an algorithm that would perform such process was essential in the early days of the formulations of linear programming problems. Although challenging, the task was accomplished by a mathematician of the twentieth…

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  • Three Different Models Of Multiple Linear Regressing And Regression Models

    It is worth mentioning that prediction of the concrete compressive strength is an important fact in the quality assurance of the produced concrete. Although there are numerous methods of predicting the mechanical properties of concrete, not all of them are valuable since they are in accordance with many trial and errors. As mentioned earlier, three different models of multiple linear regressing (MLR), artificial neural network (ANN), and ANFIS are used to reach the goal in this study. These…

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  • Formulation And Computer Solution Key Word: Formulation, Standard Form Of A Linear Programming Problem

    Answer: TRUE Diff: 2 Page Ref: Ch 2 review Main Heading: Formulation and Computer Solution Key words: formulation, standard form 5) Fractional relationships between variables are not permitted in the standard form of a linear program. Answer: TRUE Diff: 2 Page Ref: Ch 2 review Main Heading: Formulation and Computer Solution Key words: formulation, standard form 1 Copyright © 2010 Pearson Education, Inc. Publishing as Prentice Hall 6) A constraint for a linear programming problem can…

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