Annotated Bibliography: The Things They Carried By Tim O Brien

Annotated Bibliography: The Things They Carried By Tim O’Brien
Thesis: In “The Things They Carried”, the author, Tim O’Brien argues that the emotional burdens of fear, grief, terror, love and cruelty reality about war hardens the soldiers, and the psychological effects that these soldiers will have to carry for the rest of their life.
"Looking Back at the Vietnam War with Author, Veteran Tim O’Brien." PBS. PBS, n.d. Web. 19 Aug. 2016.
In this short interview with Tim O’Brien, he brings about the physical weight that the soldiers carry. More important, the book is about the psychological burden that the soldiers carry with them after the war – guilt, sadness, joy and the burden of memories. Tim shared his memories of being draft to war, the
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She argues the metonyms, figures of speech use in turn of something which are closely related, use in “The Thing They Carried” the bodies and stories. One of the examples that she took from the story is Martha, which symbolizes for home. Although Lieutenant Jimmy Cross really loves Martha, but she never loves him. This rejection symbolizes the reality that veterans have to cope with when going back home. The emotional burdens and the painful rejection from family, society and government have a psychological impact on veterans that people at home would not understand. Because these soldiers fear of exile, fear the loss of reputation from society and from the people they love, they decides to go to war. Ironically, after return back from war, the veterans alienates by their family and by the country, which they fought for. This paper is helpful for understanding the metonyms that Tim O’Brien uses in “The Things They Carried”. This will lead to deeper and broader understanding of the story and the main theme that Tim tries to speak …show more content…
Although it is a fictional story, this story bases on Tim O’Brien memory about the Vietnam War happened twenty years ago. He explained that since Tim O’Brien moves away from the event that is in his memory and tries to make a full story out of it, Tim writes about not just what happened but what almost happened or what could have happened that day. By moving away from the plane of historical reality, this helps people to focus on the important moral questions. This paper helps to understand more of Tim O’Brien’s way to use a fictional story to tell the truth about the Vietnam War and brings about the important moral

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