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  • Linking Data To Wisdom

    Recognizing that medicine is ever-evolving, the studies chosen were systematically organized by date and results. Results were then broken down by favorable for saline, sodium bicarbonate or inconclusive. The data from the articles closed was interpreted. Of the six articles chosen the data was sorted by conclusion and recommendations for safe pre-procedural care of predisposed patients. Of the six studies reviewed, one commonality the studies exhibited was intravenous hydration for at least 12 hours post procedure was the most efficient treatment for patients. Two studies listed Sodium Bicarbonate as more effective if given two to three hours pre-procedure along with continuous treatment for at least 12 hours. One study was inconclusive. One study cited hydration with normal saline just as effective as bicarbonate. The final study listed bicarbonate as more effective at a one-month marker with three-month laboratory values measuring the same as saline.…

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  • Nephrotoxicity And Chloroplatin

    for solid and hematologic malignancies (Kintzel, 2001). Cisplatin, cisplatinum or cis-diamminedichloroplatinum (II) , a platinum-based drug, is one of the most frequently used anti-neoplastic agents. It has a potent anti-tumor action against wide range of malignancies, including testicular, ovarian, cervical, bladder and lung cancers as well as solid tumors resistant to other treatment regimens (Hanigan and Devarajan, 2003). The kidney is not only responsible for the excretion of cisplatin,…

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  • Morton Salt Works Case Study

    In 1929 the Morton Salt Works Company purchased all the surrounding salt mines, and began the excavation of the salt dome underneath the town of Grand Saline. With the newly discovered abundance of salt there were plenty of jobs to go around as The Great Depression began to settle upon the market. By the year 1945 there were 950 people employed by the mine in Grand Saline, and that number doesn’t include the transportation jobs that were created by the mine either. The added income in town…

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  • 0.25 Mg/Kg Dose For Control Animals Was Ineffective For Behaviour Changes.

    animals was ineffective for behaviour changes. In the same time the 2.5 mg/kg dose decreased the number of approaches compare to the behaviour of animals, which got injected with saline (p < 0.001) and the pharmaceuticals in 0.6 mg/kg dose (p < 0.05) and 1.25 mg/kg (p < 0.001). For aggressive male mice the pharmaceuticals with 2.5 mg/kg dose decreased the number of approaches to partition compare to behaviour of animals, which got injected with saline (p < 0.01) and the…

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  • Fixation And Decalcification Essay

    the area of bloody surface remained is similar with formol saline and more than acetic acid. Discussion / Questions: Q1: Briefly suggest and explain the factors that influence the rate of decalcification. The performance of decalcification is affected by several factor. Choices of decalcifer Some of the decalcifier are used for urgency case to accelerate the speed of decalcifier. For example, hydrochloric acid (HCl) is strong acid which act as rapid decalcifier with extremely low pH. It…

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  • Caroy Case Study

    Shot title: Carnoy’s solution effects in mandible of rats Summary In order to quantify osteonecrosis, blood clot and bone neoformation after Carnoy’s solution (CS) and saline application in mandibles of Wistar rats, a monocortical defect was created bilaterally on right/left buccal cortical of Wistar rat’s mandibles and received one application of 5 minutes of CS and one application of 5 minutes of saline, respectively. This procedure followed the standard recommendations of CS use as a…

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  • Osmosis Concentration Lab

    Different Concentrations of Saline Solutions Impacting The Mass of The Baggies Research Question: Will the different concentrations of the saline solutions impact the mass of the baggies due to the effect of osmosis. Independent Variable: The concentration of saline in each solution. Dependent Variable: The mass of the baggies(g) What needs to be controlled: The type of solution in bags. The amount of solution in cups …

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  • Fluid Balance In Nursing

    disease process or treatment; intravenous fluid administration is one commonly used method for treating these electrolyte and fluid imbalances. Hypertonic fluids have a higher osmolality than body fluids; examples of hypertonic fluids include D5/0.9% saline, 3% saline, D5/0.45% saline, and D5/Lactated Ringers (Trakalo, 2015). The difference in pressure gradients pulls fluid out of the intracellular space to create more volume within the extracellular compartment (Crawford & Harris, 2011).…

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  • Case Study Of Explorative Laparotomy

    type of fluid used; only normal saline 0.9% (Leslie et al., 2013), incorrect usage of fluids such as dextrose 5% with normal saline 0.9% could cause inaccurate blood glucose values in ABG, resulting in inappropriate administration of insulin (Leslie et al., 2013). Leslie et al., 2013 also states that the appropriate manner in which to manage A. lines is to double check fluids before attaching to the arterial line (ensure that these fluids are clearly marked {including when in pressure bag} and…

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  • Community Health Assessment For Diabetes

    Community Health Assessment for Saline County, Kansas African-American Population and Diabetes Introduction Diabetes cost 245 billion in 2012 within the United States, with 176 billion towards direct medical cost and 69 billion towards reduced productivity (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). The overall numbers of diabetes and prediabetes reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals 29.1 million American or 9.3% of the population diagnosed. The…

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