The Salem Scriptures: Salem Witch Trials

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Article 1
Amidst all the madness and confusion that is going on here in Salem Massachusetts, the Salem Scriptures were fortunate enough to catch up with Reverend John Hale on the evening of October 26th 1762. We released this rare interview with the intent that the public would be humbled.
Salem Scriptures: Good evening Reverend Hale, would you care to answer a few questions that I have regarding the recent events that have just happened in this town?
Reverend John Hale: Sure, I think you might be the first person interested in what I have to say...
Salem Scriptures: First, why do you say that? Did something happen in this town that we do not know about?
Reverend John Hale: Ahhhhh…. As a matter of fact, Yes, I own the most knowledge of witchcraft

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