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  • Giles Corey In The Crucible

    Defense of Giles Corey Giles Corey comes before the court today for the charge of contempt of court by withholding information. In Corey’s attempt to reestablish the integrity of Salem’s courts, Judge Danforth and his fellow abusers of power strive to silence Corey from exposing the court’s corruption. Although he selectively withholds information regarding his accusations, Corey remains innocent and deserves acquittal from the charge of contempt of court, since his actions intend to improve the court, not undermine it. Corey represents the honesty that remains in Salem’s society, emphasizing the invalidity of this accusation against him. When dishonesty erupts in the town, Corey automatically defends those who are innocent, making him a target…

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  • The Crucible Greed Analysis

    Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. Greed plays a role because their would be people who would want someone's else land or they wanted a higher paying salaire or they were just jealouse of someone else, so they would go and call out witchcraft. Thomas Putnam is one of the main characters who has this sin he was fighting with Giles Corey for his land. Giles Corey was later on accused of witchcraft because…

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  • John Proctor Sacrifice Analysis

    As darkness and deceit looms over an enclosed exhibit, sacrifice causes the veiled eyes of humans to be freed from a glazed state and becomes the impetus for the diffusion of this new sight throughout a community. In Arthur Miller’s drama The Crucible, sacrifices to restore equilibrium within oneself are crucial, for the birth of a sacrifice from one person inspires the spread of healing into a community and stops the copious flow of evil from one liar. With trembling hands full of the blood he…

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  • Giles Corey Character Analysis

    Giles Corey is an 81 year old man in The Crucible, a dramatic tragedy, by author Arthur Miller. He is quiet, strong willed, sometimes goofy, and a stubborn character, which also makes him a memorable one. Alas, his stubbornness leads him to his own demise. This is the legacy of Giles Corey. Well, not the entire story; for no one (that is currently alive) knows the true and full story of Giles Corey. All that we know of the man is embedded in the books and the deep archives of the internet.…

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  • What Is The Hysteria In The Crucible

    Hysteria in The Crucible Hysteria is a prominent theme In The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. Hysteria is the underlying cause for everything that happens in the play; it is what moves the story along and urges the reader to think critically about the character’s actions and choices or rather their lack of critical thinking and choice. While there are many factors that potentially contributed to the hysteria in Salem, what is depicted in The Crucible is something man-made and perpetuated through…

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  • Theme Of Morality In The Crucible

    The Crucible The most evident theme in The Crucible is that selfishness interferes with morality. The witch trials in Salem show that people will do or say anything to get something for themselves. If they wanted something, they would say anything to get it. They forgot about their morals and values. A lot of the characters in The Crucible claimed to be very pious, even though they only cared what people thought of them. Everyone in Salem let the whole town go crazy. They were willing to…

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  • Comparing Jealousy In Medusa And The Laboratory

    In the poems “Medusa” by Duffy and “The Laboratory” by Browning both authors explore the theme of jealousy and its destructive nature on people and society as a whole. In Duffy’s poem “Medusa” she critiques society on its treatment towards women, demonstrating how those without beauty are only corrupted with jealousy and how this behavior has survived through the ages. While Duffy focuses on the impacts of jealousy on the individual Browning looks towards its impacts on society, and its power to…

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  • Abigail A Victim In The Crucible Essay

    Pola Matoga IB 1B English A Abigail As A Victim Of Her Society In The Crucible The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is a play with many complex characters, and sends multiple messages. One of those dynamic characters is Abigail, a seventeen year old girl. At first glance it is easy to blame Abigail for the witch trials in Salem, as she is a devious and manipulative girl, however, the truth is that Abigail is a victim of a strict, Puritan society. Her upbringing and past led her to be the person she…

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  • Analysis Of Doubt: A Parable By John Patrick Shanley

    Did Father Flynn commit the crime or not? That is the question all the readers are asking themselves in the play, Doubt: A Parable. Sister Aloysius accuses Father Flynn on many different occasions, affecting his mental stability. Based on the evidence in John Patrick Shanley’s play, Doubt: A Parable, I conclude Father Flynn is guilty because of Donald and Father Flynn’s suspicious behavior. Also, Father Flynn is guilty because of how defensive he is and he eventually resigns. Donald Muller and…

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  • The Crucible And 12 Angry Men Analysis

    argues the evidence given throughout the trial to prove not guilty with reasonable doubt. This sets both plays a part in the sense that John does not have supporting evidence to prove his ideas while Juror #8 does. The theme of both plays eventually come back to the idea that compassion and fairness need to be displayed in our judicial system, meaning the courts. Although we know that justice is not served in The Crucible an attempt at trying to gain justice is made. Proctor states, “If you’ll…

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