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  • The Fear Of Abigail Williams And Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    people are being hanged for crimes they did not commit while others are finding loopholes for their evil crimes. Giles Corey, Francis Nurse, John Proctor and Mary Warren come to the court to try to stop the madness that is going on. Giles Corey declares to Deputy Governor Danforth that Thomas Putnam is just using the witchery nonsense to seize old George Jacobs 's land for easy money. Corey delivers his speech saying, “I have it from an honest man who heard Putnam say it! The day his daughter…

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  • The Crucible Quote Analysis

    is spoken, Elizabeth is trying to convince John to confess in order to save his life. 21.d. Content: Elizabeth is informing John that Giles Corey had been stoned to death because he refused to confess to his charges in order to protect his land and friends from the court. 21.e. Significance: This quote holds significance because it displays the righteousness of Giles, who refused to implicate his friends for the sake of the court. 22.a. Speaker: John Proctor is the speaker. 22.b. Audience: The…

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  • The Corruption Of Reverend Hale In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    Hale comes into Salem knowing the difference of someone who is a witch and someone who is not. This leads to this quote, when Giles Corey is describing what happens when his wife, Martha Corey opens one of her books and he cannot pray. Thomas Putnam is extremely quick to say she is witch, but Reverend Hale stops Putnam’s allegations because Reverend Hale has not seen Martha Corey yet, and will be able to determine if she really a witch that stops prayer. Reverend Hale’s personality is a strong…

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  • The Consequences Of Lying In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    falsely accuse his neighbor, John Jacobs of witchcraft. Giles Corey who is a well respected man, finds out about this. He tells the judge, Thomas Danforth. He claims that Putnam made his daughter lie so he can take all of Jacob's property after he's been accused and hanged. When the judge asks Putnam of this, he simply replies, “It is a lie” (Miller 182). This lie ultimately leads to Giles Corey being killed later on. The judges do not believe Giles. They say he has no evidence so they convict…

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  • Giles Cory In The Crucible

    rights of the poor and needy” (Proverbs 31:8-9). In The Crucible, Giles Corey and John Proctor stand up for what they believe is right and strictly stand by their beliefs and God’s will. They stand up against the court because they know the innocent are are giving in and confessing to things they are not guilty of for the sake of saving their own lives, and Gile and Proctor want to stand up for the truth. In The Crucible, the death of Giles Cory and John Proctor help show that one can stand for…

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  • Analysis Essay Assignment: The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    a hot fire here; it melts down all concealment.” (pg. 89, Act III) Hale had similar influence, with the signature that took the accused 's lives. On the side of the powerless, “ Giles Corey, eightythree… He is knotted with muscle, canny, inquisitive, and still powerful.” (pg. 25, Act I) Though physically powerful, Corey became one of many to die simply because Danforth contradicted him, though he was one of few not accused of working with the Devil. John Proctor was possibly the most influential…

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  • Essay On Reverend Hale Is The Tragic Hero In The Crucible

    When Martha Corey is being tried in front of the court, Hale desperately tries to assist Giles Corey in trying to prove that Martha is innocent. Hale thinks that using the authority given to him upon his arrival in Salem could help save the lives of some of the wrongly accused. Again and again, Hale brings…

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  • The Causes And Consequences Of The Salem Witch Trials

    name of the witches were reviled. Two weeks later, Ann Putman and Williams named Martha Corey as a witch, she was arrested the day after Williams pointed out her specter. Corey’s husband, Giles was called to testify, he stated that he found it hard to hard pray when she was around. He also stated he would find her late at night by the hearth kneeling mysteriously. Giles testimony was accepted as proof that Corey was a witch. She soon joins the other three at the Boston jail. Marry Warren…

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  • Examples Of Individualism In The Crucible

    Who determines what is ethical and what is not? Does one wrong doing make someone ultimately substandard? Is standing up for individual beliefs, though they may differ from the majority, declare someone as heroic and dauntless or ill-behaved and unruly? In society today, there is no black and white answer. Additionally, the line between what is right and what is wrong is obscured and misinterpreted. Obscurity and misinterpretation causes various essential problems in the play The Crucible by…

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  • The Crucible Character Description Essay

    Martha Corey, Giles wife is accused of witchcraft and he then goes to court to prove her innocence. He tries to convict Thomas Putnam of using his daughter Ruth to condemn people for his personal gain however, he decides not to announce his open source and Giles is held in court and is later pressed to death. Giles Corey has a personality of a strong and fearsome individual. Reverend John Hale: (Age:39) He is…

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