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  • Abby And John Proctor Relationship Essay

    an honest man; I know him little. But in all justice, sir, a claim so weighty cannot be argued by a farmer. In god’s name, sir, stop here; send him home and let him come again with a lawyer.” Some were not so lucky, a relationship formed between Giles Corey and Mr. Putnam was a clear example of…

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  • Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Ignorance Vs. Wisdom

    believe anything that goes against that of a prosecutor, in a trial. This is because they feel that no one should lie, while in court, as it is the “highest… providence” possible (Miller, 506). Subsequently, when John Proctor, Francis Nurse, and Giles Corey, try to prove the girls of lying, about witchcraft, Danforth and Hathorne do not believe anything said, and or mentioned, by them. In fact, as a response, Danforth says that he has “not the slightest reason to suspect the [girls] may be…

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  • The Dangers Of Hysteria In The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    was used by Giles Cory. felt the need to threaten Mr. Nurse by saying “if Rebecca nurse be tainted, then nothing left to stop me,” (Giles Cory, Act 3) Mr. Corey has been hearing rumors about her, and says that if I hear any rumors about Rebecca Nurse dabbling in witchcraft, He would do anything in his power to report it. Mr. Corey 's history wanted him to do this because it was the only way that the rest of his family wouldn 't be accused of witchcraft. By being a good Christian, Mr. Corey…

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  • Elements Of Arthur Miller's Driving Forces Of The Crucible

    Driving Forces of the Crucible Arthur Miller is recognized as one of America’s leading dramatists of the twentieth century. The most significant of Miller’s works were published in a ten-year period between 1947 and 1956. Some of these plays include All My Sons (1947), The Crucible (1952), and A View from the Bridge (1956). One of Miller’s most renowned works is The Crucible, a historical drama based on the witchcraft trials of 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. A wave of fear and hysteria plagues…

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  • The Crucible: The Horrific Salem Witch Trials

    Double, double toil and trouble! Although witches may be considered a fictional character in many children’s books and movies, people in the late 1690’s actually believed that others in their communities were practicing witchcraft. Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts, the horrific Salem Witch Trials caused many people to be wrongfully tried, hung, or even crushed to death and many more to be tried today in countries such as Europe, India, and Africa. Salem was a very religious Puritan…

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  • Who Is To Blame For The Salem Witch Trials In The Crucible

    behavior. To begin, when Giles Corey is speaking to Hale about his wife he states that when she reads certain books he cannot pray until she is done. Rev. Hale states, “Ah! The stoppage of prayer- that is strange. I’ll speak further on that with you”(Miller 159). Since Giles made the statement that his wife reads strange books, and it cause him to have the stoppage of prayer, Hale has a feeling that she might be inflicted by the devil. Instead of him taking in consideration Giles church…

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  • Brief Summary Of The Crucible

    Judge Hathorne’s voice, questioning Martha Corey who is one of the woman that was accused of being a witch. Martha’s husband, Giles tells the court that he has proof, but the court does not want to hear about it and carries him to the courtroom, which the judge enters. In the play, they describe Judge Hathorne as a big remorseless man. As the judge is confronting Giles, Reverend Parris, Cheever, and Deputy Govenor Danforth enter the room. Danforth sees Giles as being disrespectful to the court.…

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  • Young Women: The Salem Witch Trials Of 1692

    The eighty-year-old Giles was accused along with his wife, Martha. He was arrested on April 18th, 1692. When he was examined along with the other prisoners who were arrested with him, Mary Warren, Abigail Hobbs, and Bridget Bishop, he refused to speak when asked whether he…

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  • Similarities Between The Crucible And Mccarthyism

    personal welfare in the interest of the cultural welfare of his country….” The Crucible also includes an example of this parallel. This can be found in Act IV, when Giles Corey has been condemned for not giving names of other suspected witches. In other words, he’s been indicted, meaning he’s performed a very serious crime. Giles Corey was literally pressed to death by rocks for not confessing. “Proctor: Then how does he die? Elizabeth, gently: They press him, John” This conversation reveals the…

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  • How Is Mary Warren Presented In The Crucible

    In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, gives an insightful display of what Salem witch hunts could have been like. Individuals are shown to have the ability to create mass hysteria. The story connects to real life America during the Cold War, 1947 until 1991. During the time Americans were afraid of communism taking over the world and the “Red Scare” began. During this period there were trials accusing Americans, mainly through Holly Wood being accused of communism. The public were so scared that the…

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