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  • Comparing Jealousy In Medusa And The Laboratory

    poems the speaker’s love for a person mutates into them wanting that person to suffer due to jealousy. In medusa this is shown when the speaker says “Look at me now” threatening the one who betrayed her along with the audience as medusa has the power to kill with by sight. This can also be seen in “The laboratory” when the speaker says “He is sure to remember her dying face!” The exclamation emphasises the speaker’s excitement for brutality portraying how the speakers time with jealousy has led to her enjoying human suffering. One major difference between the two poems is the confidence of the speaker and how jealousy has affected them in different ways, in Medusa the speaker is conflicted and self loathing. She compares herself with “Gorgons” and “dragon” and tries at one point to destroy herself with her gaze when she “(stares) in a mirror” in an attempt to end her suffering. There is a sense of self-awareness in “Medusa” she is hurt at the sight of her husband's “girls”. The poem.The poem “Medusa” closes with a single sentence “Look at me now” this final Concluding both poets explore the contrasting power of love and jealousy and how one can lead to another. They also portray women in as victims of jealousy and critique society and how little it has changed. In medusa Duffy mocks society with the title of her poem “Medusa” a tale which is centuries old, a tale in which a woman suffers due to a man’s actions and once again in today’s society in Duffy’s poem a woman…

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  • Gorgon Play Analysis

    that they care about something other than their cars! This preconceived notion has been addressed throughout recent years in attempts to break the stereotype that men are not allowed to feel emotions, however, no work has ever done greater justice to shattering this convention than The State Theatre Company 's recent production of Elena Carapetis ' short, naturalistic play, Gorgon. Throughout the play, Carapetis borrows ideas from Greek mythology in order to convey the themes of locking oneself…

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  • Edith Hamilton's Translation Of The Greek Hero

    Greek myths tell the adventures of two epic heroes, Perseus, and Theseus. Edith Hamilton revisits these adventures, in her translation of the greek heros. Hamilton’s translation focuses on their heroic adventures and qualities that made them famous in Greek culture and literature. However, one hero stands out Perseus. Perseus had to build up his courage and one way he did it was by standing up to his king Polydectes “He had nothing he could give...Declared that he would give him a present…

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  • Research Paper On Medusa

    yourself.” Athena advises Medusa that rather than being vain, conceited and arrogant, she should be modest. She also is telling her that beauty isn’t everything and that modesty is more admirable. Another theme of this myth is that you shouldn’t show off. In addition, this myth teaches us that you should be happy with who you are, and that if you aren’t, there will be consequences. Overall, this myth teaches valuable lessons. In conclusion, the conflict between Medusa and Athena teaches…

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  • Summary Of Ovid's Metamorphoses

    is the title, the changes or metamorphoses that happen in the myths. One of the stories that is littered with changing forms that appears in the text is the tale of Medusa. It has been depicted in various different ways over time, but this paper will focus on comparing the representation of Peter Paul Rubens’ The Head of Medusa to the retelling in Ovid. Ovid tells the story slightly out of order, since he is recounting it from the perspective of the one who slayed Medusa, Perseus. To put the…

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  • She Tries Her Tongue, Her Silence Poem Analysis

    Philip decides to compare the colonizer’s language to a mythical figure known as a Gorgon. Gorgons can turn people into stone with a glance. Instead of hair, the Gorgon head is covered with snakes. When you chopped off one head another grows in its place, making her immortal. The different sections of this particular poem can also interpret the Gorgon snakes. Every time the colonizers knocks down the narrator, she comes back better, stronger, more willing to fight for the power of her language.…

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  • Midas Mythology

    burnt the city and pillaged it until they had taken it over. Clever, Power, Swift Narcissus- He was a man who everyone was in love with, especially by a nymph Echo who was one of Nemesis’s nymphs. Narcissus would ignore everyone else and admired his own good looks. When he rejected echo Nemesis cursed Narcissus to be enticed by his own reflection (in a pond) and stay there until he died. Medusa- Medusa was a beautiful lady who everyone loved, although Athena was jealous. Since everyone was…

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  • Medusa Beauty Turned To Savage Monster

    Beauty Turned to Savage Monster Many tales have been told for centuries about the dreaded and frightening creature that went by the name of Medusa of Gorgon. Over the years this Gorgon creature took the form of a classical Greek mythological woman with serpents for hair who possessed the ability to turn her enemies to stone from a simple glare. Although true, there is much more to this tale including exactly what drove Medusa to become such a horrendous and feared creature and how she would live…

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  • Athena Role In Everyday Life

    days was born out of her fathers head because she was trapped inside when he swallowed Metis. Hephaestus freed Athena from the head of Zeus. After Athena was freed, one of her obligations was to find land to protect, so she decided she wanted Attica. Poseidon also wanted that land, so he challenged her. Athens judged Athena ti be the champion. In honor of the contest, the Athena built a temple and named it Parthenon. Inside were scenes that showed Athena's birth, contests, and Panathenaia…

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  • Scavengers Persuasive Speech

    sent the super powerful Athena into a furious rage. Athena cursed medusa turning her lovely eyes into bloodshot red eyes that would turn those she made eye contact with into stone. Her once beautiful hair turned into many different venomous snakes and her fair skin into that of a greenish tint. Madusa could not stand being around the people that she knew so she went to live with the Gorgon sisters, because they were blind and would not be affected by her curse. Medusa went to Africa in order to…

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