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  • A Rhetorical Analysis Of Speech By Edward R. Murrow

    Speech #1 Edward R. Murrow, a CBS reporter and war correspondent delivered a report from Buchenwald, Germany on April 16, 1945. He delivered this dialect upon seeing the atrocities committed by the Germans towards the Jews. He addresses the American people, describing the scene he had witnessed at this labor camp, which he found the scene to be so unbelievable that he is rendered speechless many times through out his speech. Murrow’s outrage is so apparent through-out his account, that it is even felt by the audience, making it an emotive speech. His objective is to induce his audience with anger and horror for what had been done. Murrow uses short punchy sentences as well as vivid details to evoke emotions within his audience. He uses details but has the perfect balance of being able to create a picture in the listener’s mind, yet not overdoing it and getting lost in the specifics. For example when he describes his experience with see the children, he uses short, to the point sentences like: “Some were only six.” Or “The others showed me their numbers. They will carry them till they die.” He also uses short, and to the point sentences to communicate a sense a urgency and immediacy. An example is when he describes the courtyard of Buchenwald. “…We proceeded to the small courtyard. The wall was about eight feet high…. We entered. It was floored with concrete.” These type of sentences are found through-out his entire account, intensifying the emotions of his audience.…

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  • Greenback Argumentative Analysis

    answer is clear and concise; governing officials would no longer be hired on a salary, instead they would be paid in food for their families and even housing for them to stay in. I would even go so far as to argue that incumbents hired under these pretenses would be less corruptible and more morally driven. Government owned mines and farms would bring in the precious metals, livestock, and crops needed to feed and fund a needy society. Farm workers in my utopia are given housing, precious…

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  • Alchemist Essay

    Ancient and Modern."). Ancient Egypt, Alexandria, had become a cultural hub for commerce, tradesmen, and all manner of people and ideas (Principe 9). The idea of alchemists stumbling toward their next discovery is refuted by the existence of techniques and operations that were fundamental to an alchemist’s primary goal of transmutation. The smelting of metals and the making of alloys was a fundamental and already established framework in Egypt…

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  • War, Karma By David R. Loy: The Suffering Of Self

    Even though Midas was a very wealthy king he still wasn’t satisfied with the riches he had, so he asked to have a golden touch, turning everything into gold, literally food and everything he touched, which he soon realized he couldn’t even eat anything without it turning to gold. Loy states, “today this simple yet profound story is even more relevant than it was an ancient Greece”(Loy 26). To bring his point across, I agree with Loy, because today no matter how much money some people have and…

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  • Moon Shadow In China

    In China, there was a boy named Moon Shadow. Moon Shadow has never seen his dad before because, when he was born his father was in the land of the golden mountain. One day one of the family's cousins came to bring a letter from Moon Shadows dad, saying that he wants Moon Shadow to come back with Hand Clap to the land of the Golden Mountain( San Francisco). When he gets to San Francisco Moon Shadow, his father Windrider, his uncle's, Hand Clap, And Bright Star start a company. The company is a…

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  • Gold Standard Case Study

    expanded dramatically compared to quarter 3 and now it includes products in two other market segments, the need for new sales people increases as well. In the next quarter Chicago will continue to have the greatest number of people out of all the markets in which Gold Standard competes. The reason for this is the fact that Chicago is the largest market for both the Mercedes and Traveler target segments and it also has a large Workhorse potential. Overall Chicago is the largest market, which…

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  • Love Or Lose The Penny Research Paper

    Love or Lose the Penny The penny. The coin that honors president Lincoln. The coin that has had its design changed twenty one times. The coin that has been a part of everyday life for over two hundred years. The coin that is thought to be unimportant. What if “find a penny pick it up all day long you’ll have good luck” had no meaning? What if the penny became obsolete and no one ever had the opportunity to say “a penny for your thoughts?”. The battle to get rid of the penny has been an ongoing…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Mining In Peru

    Throughout the world non-renewable resources are extracted from the earth 's surface such as oil, copper, gold, iron, by mining industries daily. Mining companies are located anywhere around the world but Latin America specifically has many resources that Mining industries want. The most popular places; Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina have the largest amounts of mines and exportation of resources, but even though these are the largest in south America, mines are found in small…

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  • Intertextual Language In Ovid's Metamorphoses

    Mrs. Midas Mrs. Midas holds intertextual semantic relations based on world text theory with Ovid’s king Midas’ story from Metamorphoses (Ziolkowski‏ 200). In Metamorphoses, Book XI, King Midas was granted a wish, viz., everything he touches, turns into gold. His wish proved to be a curse since his food and drink turn into gold. Upon his request, the wish was taken away. His foolishness did not stop at the curse-like wish; moreover, he commits another blunder when he judges Pan a winner in a…

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  • Evolution Of Gold Case Study

    evolution of Gold as a medium of trade and how, over the time, Gold has changed its image as mere jewellery item to a commodity that can be traded. This article also explores both global as well as regional factors that affect the demand and supply of gold thereby affecting its prices. We also explore how gold has traversed its journey from jewellery shop to being the most traded commodity with maximum liquidity on Multi stock exchange. The end side of the article talks about recent developments…

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