Giles Corey In The Crucible

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Defense of Giles Corey
Giles Corey comes before the court today for the charge of contempt of court by withholding information. In Corey’s attempt to reestablish the integrity of Salem’s courts, Judge Danforth and his fellow abusers of power strive to silence Corey from exposing the court’s corruption. Although he selectively withholds information regarding his accusations, Corey remains innocent and deserves acquittal from the charge of contempt of court, since his actions intend to improve the court, not undermine it. Corey represents the honesty that remains in Salem’s society, emphasizing the invalidity of this accusation against him. When dishonesty erupts in the town, Corey automatically defends those who are innocent, making him a target
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He declares to Clerk Cheever, “‘It’s a pity, Ezekiel, that an honest tailor might have to Heaven must burn in Hell. You’ll burn for this, do you know it?” (69). Even when the conflict involves a man of higher status, Giles regardlessly confronts him, for he knows it is for the betterment of society. Corey consistently assumes a position of a moral authority when the court does not fulfill these requirements. When Corey attempts to find justice for the women unwarrantedly accused of witchcraft, he discovers the truth: Putnam intentionally persecutes people so that he gets a person’s land. Judge Danforth asks Corey to provide evidence for his argument, so Corey retorts, “‘My proof is there! … If Jacobs hangs for a witch he forfeit up his property--that’s law! And there is none but Putnam with the coin to buy so great a piece. This man is killing his neighbors for their land!’” (89). Corey strives to unveil the flaws of society, causing him to desperately prove his wife’s innocence. However, Corey refuses to name the trustworthy provider of this information, for he wants to protect his life and save that of his wife. This action provides means for Judge Hathorne to halt his attempt to overthrow Hathorne’s malfeasance in the court, compelling Hathorne to act: Hathorne declares that Corey has contempt for the court. He bases this argument on the mere fact that Corey must be against the court due to his refusal to identify this man; even though Corey is clueless that this action leads the same witch hunt towards him as that of his current fight against the court, he strives for due process of the accused because of his virtuous character. Hathorne falsely accuses Giles of this, for he only attempts to better the courts in Salem by reestablishing the justice. Although this is Corey’s fatal error, his action does not facilitate the downfall of

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