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  • Case Study: The Boys And Girls Club Of Greater Salem

    The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Salem (BGCGS) is a nonprofit organization which provides children of all ages a safe and positive place where numerous programs enable the children to reach their fullest potential. BGCGS operates with a strong understanding of what children need in order to succeed. For instance, all programs and activities are created to foster key competencies essential for youth to succeed, such as educational, social, emotional, cultural, health and well-being, positive self-identity as well as a moral compass. The Boys & Girls Club movement must engage youth in activities that are frolicsome and delectable while fortifying development of the capacities specified above. This is achieved through club programs as well as…

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  • Apia Case Study

    Urban development in Apia Introduction Apia is the capital city of Samoa and the largest city in the Pacific. In Apia, there is a trend that 40% of population are looking forward to live in urban area. And the rate of urban growth will be continued to increase (Pacific island populations in Jones article, 2001). Urban population, density of house and waste from industries are all rise continually. Due to the increasing of pressure of urbanization and the lack of effective management solutions,…

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  • Urban Expansion

    built. There arose a need for adequate living arrangements for the people that worked in the factories and city centers. Urban areas designed to accommodate large numbers of families began to spring up around these factories and city centers. Fast forward to today and we have 78% of the population in North America living in urban areas (Boston University College of Arts & Science, 2012). This figure represents a rapid urban expansion that does not seem to be slowing. Urban expansion isn’t the…

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  • Importance Of Transportation In Urban Areas

    Public Transportation Systems for Urban Areas Objective: Introduction: 1. Urban Public Transportation Systems: Cities and metropolitan areas are centers of diverse activities, which require efficient and convenient transportation of persons and gods. It is often said that transportation is the lifeblood of cities. High density of activities makes it possible and necessary that high capacity modes, such as bus, light rail and metro, be used because they are more economical, more energy efficient…

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  • Cultural Challenges In Urbanization

    various impacts on ecosystem structures, function, dynamics, and the livelihoods of human beings. It is expected that by 2030, there will be 2 billion new urban residents. The study also suggests that 90 percent of urban growth is taking place in developing world. A largely rural country, with only 17 percent of the population living in urban areas (Nepal census, 2011), Nepal is urbanizing rapidly. With a population of 26.6 million people, the Kathmandu Valley is growing at the 4.7 percent per…

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  • Urban Migration

    suburbanization of population and employment has been easily observed in large metropolitan areas all over the world, which is generally referred to as “sprawl”. This phenomenon has accompanied not only the spatial redistribution of population, but also the geographical relocation of firms, which has brought about several urban problems – for instance, severe traffic congestion due to the growing distance between jobs and housing, inefficient energy consumption due to the increased commuting…

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  • Why Have Cities Become A Megacity?

    to have over 10 million citizens in its metropolitan area (Bugliarello, 1999). Different reasons can be nominated as causes of cities become a megacity. People coming from rural areas trying to find a better condition of life maybe are the major reason of the population growth in most megacities. However, with a big agglomeration of people and a big city, the government has to not let the problems assume control of the city. Problems such as overpopulation, housing and natural disasters are…

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  • Advantage Of Living In The City

    using examples of famous artists. If students live in a rural area they do not have as many resources. Cities offer the best resources for schools, and therefore they are great places to live. Not only are there educational benefits, one can also find more things to buy in the city. While anyone with internet access can shop, there is nothing like trying things on in a beautiful store in a city. The super malls have hundreds of stores to shop in. The shopping mall is usually applied to enclosed…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Understanding Of The Suburbs

    Typically a great distance away from the city, they must have been widely developed after the creation of better roads and transportation. Although people live in the suburbs, work pulls them back to the city; therefore, it is highly unlikely that people would have favored the suburbs had the constant need to be able to go to and from not been met. I also imagine that houses in the suburbs and transportation costs were not cheap; therefore, they served as an escape for those with more wealth.…

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  • Importance Of Urban Planning Essay

    It has been once famously said that planning is to bring the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. The discipline of planning and architecture is a very important discipline given the context of our present capital of J&K State, Srinagar. The city is rapidly urbanizing, people are leaving their villages and migrating to cities in large numbers. When they migrate to cities, one of the common problems they face is of housing. Urban housing, especially for the urban…

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