Cause And Effect Essay: Causes Of The Protestant Reformation

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Causes of the Protestant Reformation

The causes of the Protestant Reformation were, the selling of Indulgences, the bible only being read in Latin, and the rich being able to buy high church positions. People after having to go through this their entire life were finally fed up and broke apart from the church which in turn caused multiple wars and millions of people to lose their lives.

The church in the 16th century was in dire need of money to complete some of their projects. So they sold what's called an indulgence. This gave people forgiveness of their sins for a price. Some people were angry at the Catholic Church for what was a cash grab. They compared Pope Leo X to the antichrist and the devil. Others were happy with the knowledge
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They had to go to the priest to learn about the bible and could not do it themselves. This led to confusion about the bible and people having a general lack of understanding about it. The Protestant Reformation rejected the idea of using latin in the church. With the church not using latin in sermons, the average person could now get an idea of the bible. This led to an increased understanding of the bible without having to rely on the church to get the information that the people needed.

Church positions could be bought and sold buy the Church. Many of the people who bought these positions, did not have a very good understanding of the Church, leading to confusion on what to do. Because of the buying and selling church offices, the church was very corrupt. This corruption led to a lack in faith in what the church. This corruption led to a decline in life for peasants in some areas. Many of the church officials did not show up to their land. This was called absenteeism. Absenteeism was a huge problem for peasants back in that time. If there was no priest there how could peasants learn about the teachings of the bible?

These were some of the reasons of the Protestant Reformation. Many people were fed up with how the church was being run. The rampant corruption, the selling of indulgences, and the inability of the common man the read the bible. Which in the near future caused many wars and people

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