Impact Of Martin Luther On Christianity

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Explain (cause and effect) the impact of Martin Luther on Christianity.
Martin Luther was a significant figure in history in which has made a profound impact on the Christian denomination. Through Luther’s ‘very different’ spiritual mindset, he has completely changed the way Christianity views the world; translating the bible in the vernacular of the German people and also eradicating the isolation existent between priests and the public.
Luther’s achievement on publishing as well as translating the bible to the vernacular of the German people is one of his greatest accomplishments in which have allowed Christian adherents to be united as one, through a common understandable language. Martin Luther translated the bible from Latin Vulgate, a language only understood by priests, to German, a primary speaking language of the time. This was a massive change for Christianity at the time as it promoted and due to the printing press publications, made the bible ‘the peoples book in Church, school and house’ (History of the Christian Church, Volume VII. Modern Christianity. The German Reformation, Philip Schaff, Publisher- Christian Classics Ethereal Library; 1.1 edition, June 11, 2009, pg. 191). As a result of the ubiquity and understanding of the
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He had a massive impact upon Christianity, as his desire for people to feel closer to God, led him to translate the Bible into the language of the people; radically changing the relationship between the Christian church and its followers. Additionally, he drew both monasteries and nunneries closer to the public, establishing a more systemic order to society; entwining church leaders with the general public. Through this relationship between priesthood and the public, Luther significantly impacted Christianity, as this allowed churches to become more prominent, which simultaneously instigated the spread of

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