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  • Charlemagne Achievements

    Charlemagne, known as Charles the Great or King of the Franks, was a strong leader who united Western Europe through his military power. His major goals or achievements were the Carolingian Empire, Saxons War, and establishing centralized imperial rule. I consider that Charlemagne is a good leader and will go down in history. The first of Charlemagne’s accomplishments was the Carolingian Empire. Charles the Great ruled after his father Charles Martel. Charlemagne built a court and capital at Aachen, where didn’t spend that much time at. Instead, he was riding around on horseback traveling around maintaining authority. His capital relied on deputies known as counts which held political, military and legal authorities. Although Charlemagne didn’t…

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  • Rise Of The Roman Empire Dbq

    In 732 AD, Charles Martel defeated the Muslim army at the Battle of Tours, (modern-day France). This victory over the Muslims helped maintain Christianity in Europe and stopped the Muslims from expanding any further (Doc C). It wasn't until 751 AD that the Merovingian Dynasty was replaced by the Carolingian empire. The immense expansion of the Franks started when Charlemagne took control of the dynasty in 768 AD. During Charlemagne's period of authority over the Franks, he was crowned “Holy…

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  • Charlemagne Research Paper

    Introduction: Charlemagne was the King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 until his death in 814. He expanded his kingdom to an empire, uniting most of west Europe. The Carolingian Renaissance is associated with his reign, a time when art and culture was revived through the Catholic Church, which encouraged a common European identity. Chapter 1 who is Charlemagne? He is the King of Franks; he was the greatest ruler in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire.…

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  • Charles The Great: Charlemagne

    Charles the Great, also known as Charlemagne, ruled between the years of 768 and 814 CE. Einhard, a friend of Charlemagne, considers him the greatest king of the middle ages. Still, what characteristics does Einhard consider great, and how are those traits manifested in Charlemagne? Using Einhard’s work, The Life of Charlemagne, we can gleam insight into what made Charlemagne so great, as well as what is the mark of a great medieval king. Einhard, documents how Charlemagne was a great general, a…

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  • St Boniface's Influence On Religion

    Religion paper #1 – St Boniface Perhaps no other Christian missionary ever had such a great influence on such a large portion of the world as St Boniface did on the Germanic tribes in the 7th century. By the time of his martyrdom, nearly all of the Germans, Hessians, and a large portion of the Frisians had converted to the Christian faith. Boniface worked tirelessly for the faith for many years, and eventually died a martyr in 754. Boniface was born in what is now Devon County in modern-day…

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  • The Impact Of Charlemagne On Christianity In The Carolingian Period

    Charlemagne himself was a devout follower of the Christian religion, as can be seen by Einhard’s testimony that, “As long as his health allowed him to, [Charles] regularly went to church both morning and evening, and also to the night reading and to the morning Mass.” He was very particular about everything in the church being done correctly and with dignity, and he always made sure the church never wanted for anything. He was also very generous, giving alms to not only the poor in his own…

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  • The Meaning Of Freedom In Life Of Pi By Yann Martel

    What is the meaning of Freedom? Can one ever be completely free? The true definition of freedom becomes a question early in the novel Life of Pi by Yann Martel, when Pi argues and refutes the claims relating to the cruelty and restrictiveness of a zoo enclosure. Pi claims that an animal is no more confined in its mobility by a physical cage, than, by its survival instincts in which profoundly restrict an animal’s freedom. According to, freedom is “the state of being free or at…

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  • Big Fish And Life Of Pi Analysis

    reason to follow it. Similarly for Pi, Richard Parker enacted the role of a guide, in order to survive. While witnessing the survival instincts of Richard Parker, it presented Pi a technique of how to overcome this devastating and difficult journey. Due to the experience with Richard Parker and seeing how the natural survival instincts worked with him, it led to Pi discovering the will to survive. It is most evident when Pi describes his reaction after seeing Richard Parker’s attempt to feed…

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  • Theme Of Friendship In Life Of Pi

    Have you ever been alone and you wished for a friend to provide comfort and keep you going? Yann Martel, in his novel The Life of Pi, tells the story of a character who needed exactly that, given his circumstances. In his story, Martel expresses and promotes this idea through a long boat journey and some some incredible animals. Using these circumstances, Martel teaches the reader that in the face of danger, people find comfort in even the most unlikely friendships. In the beginning of the…

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  • Pi's Life Of Pi And Pi

    others-and I am one of those-never give up. We fight and fight and fight. We fight no matter the cost of the battle, the losses we take, the improbability of success. We fight until the very end….Richard Parker started growling that very instant, as if he had been waiting for me to become a worthy opponent. My chest became tight with fear (148). While suffering through the first story, numerous times Pi mentally suffers. At times, Pi loses hope and believes he is going to perish. Pi utters,…

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