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  • Victor As The True Villain In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

    Victor is the true villain of the story. Based off of his creature 's looks, he was disgusted and left him all on his own. The creation wasn 't nurtured and "raised" to act morally so he was forced to teach himself everything. Although it wasn 't right for the monster to blame all of his decisions on Victor, he was right about the fact that he deserved to be nurtured and treated humanely and taught how to live in the real world. Plus, Victor went back on his word when it came to creating the monster a mate. 2. Shelley wants us to realize as readers that us humans are the true monsters. Humans are judgemental and we don 't accept change or anything different into our lives. Because of our level of closed- mindedness, we choose to live in fear or choose to discriminate against that newer idea. It is mankind 's fault that the monster turned evil. The monster tried living a normal life, and even tried to save someone 's life. However, he was treated poorly by the humans around and that caused him to grow angry and turn evil. As a part of mankind, it is our job to help those 'outcasts ' feel welcome and just as important as everyone else. These outcasts are people or creatures that are just as important as everyone else and deserve the same respect as 'regulars '. 3.Victor felt as though it would be morally correct to tell people of his creation, but he was scared of the reactions he would recieve from his peers so he left his monster in the dark. The monster lived in fear of…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Oprah Winfrey's Speech

    At the Golden Globes award ceremony Oprah Winfrey was presented the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.Given recent events like the Me too and Time’s up movements Oprah dedicated her speech to speaking up about sexual harassment and emphasizing the need for change.Throughout the speech she talks about many different things from personal stories to the plights of everyday women to show that this abuse affects everyone. She uses many important rhetorical devices, namely pathos,…

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  • How Is Princess Diana A Role Model

    respected, and a role model to many people around the world. Princess Diana was born on July 1st 1961, in Sandringham, Norfolk, England. She was born into an aristocratic English family who were very close to the royal family. Her parents got divorced when she was eight years old and she continued to live with her father who took custody of her. Diana had been hard working since youth. As a teenager she had several jobs such as kindergarten teacher at a school in London, a dance instructor,…

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  • The Story Of Vana-Parva In Mahabharata

    DAMAYANTI Introduction The story of Nala-Damayanti has been narrated in Vana-Parva in Mahabharata by Rishi Vrihadswa. Damayanti was the daughter King Bhima who ruled Vidharbha Kingdom. Damayanti had earned a reputation of being the most beautiful Princess of Universe at that time. She was described as lovely-waisted Damayanti. As per Nala-Damayanti Katha, Damayanti was famous for 'for her incandescent beauty, grace, virtue and excellence' she was faultless-featured; 'with her ornaments she…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Life Along The Great Barrier Reef

    The life along the Great Barrier Reef is full of danger and Marlin, a single parent clown fish, has to protect his son, Nemo. As the time starts for school his dad nervously accompanies him and agonized over his every move. Nemo defies his father and swims to the reef's awesome “drop off” to investigate a boat. Suddenly he gets scooped up by a diver and Marlin helplessly watches the happening. Marlin frantically swims off in search of his son. As he passes a school of fish, he suddenly bumps…

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  • Lost In The Waves Analysis

    In the long narrative “Lost In the Waves” a dad and son gets swept out to sea by the current. His son Christopher has autism so it makes him harder to control and he has fits of uncontrollable actions such as scratching biting etc. Walt’s ex wife Robyn and her new husband Ed told him not to take Christopher to the beach that day. But Walt did not heed their warning. At first Walt was too proud and thought that he had everything under control when in reality he did not. People offered to help him…

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  • Perelandra Summary

    From what I read of C.S. Lewis’s Perelandra, it was primarily uneventful. Lewis tells the story of Elwin Ransom’s recent trip to the planet Perelandra or Venus. Lewis, the first-person narrator, portrays himself as one of Ransom’s closest friends. He tells the story from Ransom’s memory of Ransom’s experience on Perelandra. Ransom describes the planet to be very beautiful and different from earth. The planet is covered with a “roof” preventing the inhabitants of seeing the sky clearly. On…

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  • Finding Nemo Vs Finding Dory

    A thirteen-year difference lies between two connected Pixar movies that both involve a soul finding their way home. Finding Dory begins with brief flashbacks of the previous movie Finding Nemo and then picks up a year after its ending. Instead of the movie being centered on the journey of crossing the ocean like Finding Nemo, Finding Dory is more centered on Dory’s journey inside the aquarium. Most people remember watching Finding Nemo as a child, now with the sequel finally premiered, the…

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  • Who Is The Protagonist In Finding Nemo

    In Finding Nemo, the ordinary world is the sea anemone. They are waking up for Nemo’s first day of school. While Nemo is excited for school and making new friends. But, Marlin is not as excited. He is worried about Nemo being out in the world. Away from his protection and safety. This is only because, Nemo is all Marlin has. He lost his wife and all of his other unborn kids, so he protects Nemo with all he has. Nemo has a bad fin but, that doesn’t stop him from having an adventurous personality.…

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  • Finding Nemo

    The film I’m reviewing is “Finding Nemo”. This movie is about the adventures of two fishes named Marlin and Dory looking for Marlin’s son Nemo. In the beginning Marlin was ready to have a family with his wife named Coral because their eggs were a few days away from hatching. Marlin got a new home, which is an anemone by the deep ocean. One thing led to another, and a barracuda shows up to attack Marlin and his family. Marlin tries to defend his wife and eggs, but to no avail he gets knocked out…

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