Chapter Summary: The Life Along The Great Barrier Reef

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The life along the Great Barrier Reef is full of danger and Marlin, a single parent clown fish, has to protect his son, Nemo. As the time starts for school his dad nervously accompanies him and agonized over his every move.
Nemo defies his father and swims to the reef's awesome “drop off” to investigate a boat. Suddenly he gets scooped up by a diver and Marlin helplessly watches the happening. Marlin frantically swims off in search of his son. As he passes a school of fish, he suddenly bumps into Dori, who offers to help him find Nemo. But the problem is that Dori has severe short-term memory loss so she forgets things very quickly.

Meanwhile, in a dentist's office in Sydney Harbour, Nemo has landed in a fish tank that is home to a colourful group of other fish's. They become friends and want to help Nemo to come out of the fish tank. Because the
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In the meantime, Nemo comes to a plastic bag with water.

Nigel, Marlin and Dori reach the window. They see how the supposedly dead Nemo get rinsed into the loo.

Suddenly the doctor sees the pelican and tries to scare away him.

At this moment Khan (a friend of Nemo) shoots himself with the help of the aquarium volcano from the aquarium. He lands on the dentist's cutlery and gets to tow Nemo with a tool in the basin. Nemo swims down the drain and got saved, because all drain water ends in the sea.

Marlin separates from Dori. He swims with a group of other fish back in the direction of his home. Shortly after Nemo from a drainpipe comes to the open sea, he meet Dori. Together they come along to find Marlin.

But they get in a fish group which is caught in a fishing net. With a trick all the fish can escape. Nemo has got a blow and now lies still with the seabed. For a moment Marlin thought that he has lost his son. But he recognises that Nemo lives. Together they were along on the way home and also the fishes in the aquarium could escape in the

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