The Matlock Bridge: A Short Story

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“I came in like a wrecking ball!” I belt as loud as possible, sitting in the passenger seat. At the moment, it’s 10:30 at night, and we are driving to the Matlock Bridge with the entire dance team. My oldest sister, Molly, is driving and in her little car, we managed to fit three people across the back seat. Anna, Carly, and Hope are dancing and singing loud and clear, as we have no idea what’s to come. Paige, my other sister, is driving the other vehicle along with six passengers crammed inside.
As we’re nearing the town of Matlock, population 88, Molly turns down the radio to tell us the story of the bridge. Meanwhile, it’s dark outside, with a slight breeze. As we drive through the town, the streetlights give us light every 100 feet, however, in between the lights, it is total darkness.
“Well, you guys know the story of the little boy, right?” Molly questions us. We all shake our head, unaware of what we’re about to experience. “Okay, now listen close,” she starts off, leaving us on edge. “This little boy went fishing one time on the Matlock Bridge. He loved candy and
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It creeps me out!” exclaims Anna as she fidgets in her seat. I laugh silently before I remember we have to go to the cemetery before heading home. As we’re driving through the dark night, I’m watching the clock to see how long it’s been since we left the bridge. After what seems like a lifetime, but is only 10 minutes, I start to see huge pine trees in the middle of nowhere. There are no houses or other cars around and as we get closer to the trees, I realize the cemetery is inside the fence created by them. Paige’s car full of girls turns down a driveway lined with pine trees as tall as a house. I can see gravestones on either side of the road and I grip tightly onto my phone, the only thing connecting me to the real world. Once we drive all the way through, too slowly for my liking, we park in front of the cemetery and get out of the

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