Short Story: An Analysis Of Sergei's 'Yonatan'

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Register to read the introduction… Sergei’s paranoia is his main attribute that forms his other traits and persona. It leads to his hostility as too protect himself because of his belief that no one would want to create a ny sort of relationship with him without an ulterior motive. This results in him having no social relationships, making him lonely. This trait is emphasized by the comparison of the other character in this story, Yonatan. Yonatan’s section of the story is filled with short run on sentences, commas, and informal language. Making Yonatan seem young, innocent and high energy. As soon as the author began narrating Sergei’s character their was a instant change in the writing, sentences become longer and sarcastic. The content of Yonatan’s part in the story show no fear or negativity, even when there should be. Yonatan has ultimate trust in the world. This trust is a trait only a young and innocent character could have. An example of this is he is unafraid as he knowingly aggravates Sergei who would not usually during a first encounter seen as someone that would tolerate Yonatan’s pushy and insistent behaviour. …show more content…
Misery loves company. Sergei is trapped in his world of fear and it is human nature to fear being alone. He is dragging the fish down with him. Sergei has found his prime companion, someone who cannot leave, and for someone who fears relationships immensely having a “friend” in whom he is in control gives him security because he is so alone the fish is all he has. He is so afraid of being a lone that he convinces himself that someone is out to get his goldfish and kills him for it.
In the last paragraph it reads “The one that looked straight into the camera and said, if he ever found a talking goldfish he wouldn’t ask of it a single thing. He’d just stick it on a shelf in a big glass jar and talk to him all day, it didn’t matter about what. Maybe sports, maybe politics, whatever a goldfish was interested in chatting about.
Anything, the Russian said, not to be alone.” This is the main example of his loneliness. He could have anything he could ever want, he has the key to change the world, and all he would do was use him as a friend. A friend that couldn’t leave. this shows that Sergei, despite his efforts does not wish to be

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