Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

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    Humans have many characteristics that make us humans. Some of these include being able to stand upright, development of communication through sounds and symbols, developing systems of interaction, learning to adapt to changing needs and environmental factors, as well as learning and interpreting new learned information. Frankenstein 's monstor technically has all of those human characteristics, except one. He hasn 't had a communication system yet in which he can communicate with people other than Victor and Captain Walton. The monster taught himself everything he knows from viewing humans from a distance and is actually a very articulate and emotional being. 6. 7. "Frankenstein" is a classic due to the fact that it is gothic literature, which was popular during the publishing time of this book. On top of that, Shelley discusses serious topics that relate to humanity, no matter the time period. Fitting in and being accepted is someting that almost everyone longs for. In every time period, there was a group of people that were outed out and discriminated against and this novel shows that those actions can come with harmful repercussions, much like the Frankenstein monster lashing out on Victor 's family. 8. 9. Nature refers to being born with certain genes and acting a certain way cause we are coded to act as such. Nurture refers to people acting a certain way because they were trained to be that way or their experiences shape who they are as people. Regardless,…

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    Forced to rethink production methods in order to maximize profit, Universal introduced “B Pictures” which accompanied higher budget films in theaters with double features. Universal drew inspiration from German Expressionist films when creating their monster movies, which relied heavily on gothic atmosphere in sets, makeup, and general mise-en-scene. Since sound had been introduced, these films also relied heavily on dialogue to progress their stories, unlike their German relatives which were…

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