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  • Difficult Language Of Nursing

    They are the first person to see the patient when they come into the hospital. They must be able to successfully communicate with the patient to get all of the valuable information the doctor will need. When writing down the information, it is much faster to use abbreviations rather than writing out all of the words. They must be careful to only use abbreviations appropriate to that specific hospital. In an article by Purdue Owl they write, “Different facilities and even licensing agencies have standard lists of abbreviations. Make sure you know these standard abbreviations and resist the impulse to come up with your own, even if the meaning of the abbreviation seems obvious to you. Deviation from those accepted forms can cause confusion in your narrative and can even get you in legal trouble” (Angeli 1). They must use these specific abbreviations and make sure that they do not stray away from them. The fact that they can get in legal trouble if they deviate away from the normal abbreviations shows the importance of knowing the appropriate abbreviations to use. A few examples of such abbreviations are; MVA, motor vehicle accident, NDKA, no known drug allergies, and CP, chest…

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  • Abbreviations In Medical Terminology

    Acronyms and abbreviations in medical terminology have become a major problem in today’s society. There has been a rise in medication errors and charting. These errors have caused serious medical conditions and even death. One of the main reasons so many problems has occurred is because acronyms and abbreviations can stand for more than one word and it becomes very confusing. These terms are being misinterpreted every day. Abbreviations are actually a barrier in everyday terminology due to it…

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  • Non Pulmonic Abbreviations

    Non-Pulmonic Consonants: Non-pulmonic consonants are consonants created without the guidance of air from the lungs. There are three types of non-pulmonic consonants: clicks, voiced implosives, and ejectives. Clicks are formed by placing two articulatory structures together and separating them rapidly. Voiced implosives are air that is inhaled to produce the desired sound. The air is used before it reaches the lungs. Ejectives are generated by upward movement of the closed glottis. Non-pulmonic…

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  • Medical Abbreviations: A Case Study

    I feel that it is very interesting finding medical abbreviation and finding their similarity to some order term. There are numerous of abbreviation that are similar to each other and some are very danger when the health team misunderstand them. There abbreviation are MG and mg. MG mean Myasthenia gravis and mg mean magnesium these two are dangerous because when the patient is being transfer to another room and there a written paper that says the patient has MG it could be misunderstand it as…

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  • Assignment 2: Destroying English Language

    He substantiates his view by using evidence from reliable studies. 7. Crystal appeals that text language is just an indication of the ever-evolving English language and that by stopping it, it prohibits that creative sides of individuals from coming out. Part 2: Framework for argument essay Main proposal/hypothesis Texters and SMS vandals are destroying our language and turning our children into illiterates. Reasons for Arguments in favour: 1. Destroying English language 2. It shows that…

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  • Texting Is Ruining Language

    language. Three of the main discussions are: Texting is ruining our language, english is going to end up as abbreviations because of it, and it wastes time. A british writer, John Humphrys thinks texting leads to bad habits. On the other hand John McWhorter, an American linguist and David Crystal, a British linguist, disagree and think that language it just in evolution. The first argument is that texting is ruining the language. People are saying that our punctuation, and grammar is going…

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  • Medical Terminology

    common use of medical abbreviations. While abbreviations reduce writing time and space in documentation, they also invite mistakes and misinterpretations causing medical errors. Although these errors might not be intentional, these errors contribute to leaving staff confused, documenting errors, administering wrong medication doses, as well as performing incorrect tests and procedures. Miscommunication and errors can cause harm to both staff and patients. The negative impact can be quite serious…

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  • Analysis Of Twob Or Not 2b By David Crystal

    people have taken abbreviations to the extreme when texting, but that it is not necessarily a new idea or one that is particularly bad for the English language. Texting is a recent phenomenon that exploded due to its incredible convenience. Abbreviating words is not something that began with texting. People have been shortening words for a very long time. Texting can be a fun way to write a message and can shorten the length of what you need or want to say. Even though texting provides for…

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  • Essay On Texting

    humans we tend to be more nervous and less social in our lives, so we prefer texting to calling and talking face to face. As texting is older than smart phones and Wi-Fi internet, many of us remember the struggle of texting from typing a word by clicking one number multiple times to getting charged by each word that we typed. Thus, we have decided to use abbreviations and symbols to easily text each other over the phone. With arrival of smartphones and chatting apps, there are no worries as…

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  • Does Texting Affect Writing By Michaela Cullington Summary

    no positive or negative effect. Although the author uses many sources from both sides, she seems to argue that even though many sources say that it negatively impacts students, statistics show that it has not influenced students in any way. The author stresses that many teachers believe that abbreviations have had a substantial adverse impact on students writing. Many of the sources that she asked claimed that students would start to write out abbreviations as they would text. "Teachers…

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