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  • Summary: The Importance Of Holocaust Education

    classroom. According to a 2007 report done by the International Task Force for Holocaust Education, in Germany the Holocaust can be taught as early as the age of 10, but in the majority of schools all students will be formally presented with the history of National Socialism in the context of 20th century history at the age of 14 or 15 (grades 9-10). Looking only at Holocaust education in the context of history lessons, there are typically 16-20 lessons dedicated to the National Socialist time period in history which equates to about 8-10 hours in total spent in class discussing the time period. This is relatively small amount of time spent learning the material, especially if the student does not attend Gymnasium since students who pass the Abitur exam will receive a more formal presentation of German history in the twentieth century again during their final two years of schooling (12th and 13th grade). Although it is rare that a student will only be taught about the Holocaust during these 8-10 hours, as the Holocaust is often taught in many other disciplines such as…

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  • Essay On German Culture

    Unlike the American education system, homeschooling in Germany is extremely illegal- every student is required to attend a school. Internat, or boarding schools and private schools are popular and most end with the Abitur. Special needs students in the American education system usually attend public schools; however they attend separate classes from the other students. In the German education system, special needs students go to a whole other school altogether. Depending on their needs, they…

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