Abortion in Canada

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  • Abortion In Canada

    Abortion has been decriminalized in Canada since the year 1969, but in 1988 abortion laws were struck down because they were unconstitutional. (“Abortions rights: Signiant moments in Canadian history”, 2009). It is commonly argued that abortion is an infringement on a woman’s right to life, liberty, and security (“Abortions rights: Signiant moments in Canadian history”, 2009). Canada has taken many cautious steps and decisions to ensure equality and happiness for citizens when it comes to the topic of abortion. Today, Canada has no criminal law against abortion but man individuals and groups such as churches stand against abortion (“Abortions rights: Signiant moments in Canadian history”, 2009). Canada has been on a political rollercoaster…

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  • The Importance Of Abortion In Canada

    Up until January 18, 1988, Canada’s abortion laws were no such thing as they did have restrictions on women getting them. Women had no choice but to follow through with their expected or unexpected pregnancy that they may have wanted to change. They were forbidden and if a women did it privately, she would be charged and possibly arrested. Today in Canada abortion is legal and women are allowed to go into a hospital/doctors office and get an abortion if they wish, they only catch is, that the…

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  • The Role Of Abortion In Canada

    If Canada can 't trust women with a choice, how can Canada trust women with children? If Canada legislates a law on abortion, the country is telling women that their unborn "fetus [has] more constitutional rights than [her]."(Abortion Rights at Risk) If Canada places restrictions on, or if Canada makes abortions illegal this also increases the risks women face when they choose to have an abortion. With their choice gone, woman are forced into the position where they will have to endanger their…

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  • Legalizing Abortion In Canada

    Did Legalizing Abortion Make Canada A Safer Place to Live? In 1969, the Canadian Government legalized abortion. Though truly unhindered abortion access has still not been fully achieved, this decision marked the beginning of a new era. The legalization of abortion was controversial when it first happened, and still is today. The anti-choice movement opposes abortion and ascertains that it should never have been made legal, while the pro-choice movement maintains that legalized abortion is…

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  • Argument Against Abortion In Canada

    Abortion is a topic that to this day remains as controversial as it was in 1869 for many Canadians. It still makes headlines when new movements arise, it still is common to hear people trying to persuade others to become pro-choice or pro-life, and it still is something that supposedly needs debated about in Canada’s House of Parliament. Simply put, the importance of having a choice has affected a majority of women throughout Canada as whether one chose to continue with their pregnancy or not,…

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  • Abortion In Mexico

    In today’s society abortion has become a major topic of discussion and division around the world. It seems as though abortion has always been a point of contention in states. It is true that states around the world have varying ideas and opinions on how things should be done and so it should not be a surprise that abortion is no exception, but the question is why do abortion laws in states around the world vary so widely. One can analyze why abortion is legal in some states and not others by…

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  • Importance Of Pierre Trudeau

    Trudeau was the 15th prime minister of Canada and played a significant role in shaping what Canada is today. Pierre Trudeau was well known for his energetic personality and his key role in many controversial decisions. Pierre Elliot Trudeau proved to be Canada’s most influential prime minister, through his acceptance of diversity and ability to implement strong change for all Canadians. Pierre Trudeau had a big impact on supporting and forming a strong bond of multiculturalism of all ethnic…

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  • Pierre Trudeau's Influence On Canada In The 1960s

    American political views were starting to have an influence on Canada throughout the 1960s. Tired of traditional political leaders, many Canadians admired the charisma, humour, and determination of the handsome and young John F. Kennedy. As Canada’s centennial approached and optimism was again reaching the peak, many Canadians were ready for a new modern style in their Prime Minister. In 1967, many Canadians believed that they had found it in the new Federal Liberal Party leader, Pierre Elliott…

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  • Women's Rights Issue In Canada

    characterized by strategic voting, and the “Anybody but Harper” sentiment was raging all throughout Canada, as millions voted gathered to vote him out of office (Howard and Gillies, 2). How did this anti-Harper sentiment emerge? This essay argues that premise that it is a byproduct of Harper’s controversial stances on issues relating to women’s rights. A report issued by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives indicated that during Harper’s time in power, Canada exhibited a lack of political…

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  • French Canadian Language Analysis

    Almost all French Canadian’s first language is French but the official language of Canada is English. It means French Canadian need to speak English too. However, They have respect for their own language so they want to independent from Canada. In that time, How their mind was change with history. Quebecois were worry about being minorities in their own territories. Mainly after 1960s, they have held discriminatory feelings of fear and confidence because everyone can speak English but they…

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