Abortion Make Canada A Safe Place To Live Essay

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Did Legalizing Abortion Make Canada A Safer Place to Live?
In 1969, the Canadian Government legalized abortion. Though truly unhindered abortion access has still not been fully achieved, this decision marked the beginning of a new era. The legalization of abortion was controversial when it first happened, and still is today. The anti-choice movement opposes abortion and ascertains that it should never have been made legal, while the pro-choice movement maintains that legalized abortion is essential. To determine which argument is most valid one must look at the aspect of Canada that holds the most basic importance: safety. Though there have been many important effects of legal abortion, the most crucial is whether legalizing abortion made Canada a safer place to live.
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It is an issue that defines a persons beliefs and political outlook, and has created a major divide between those who support it and those who do not. The anti-choice movement believes that legalizing abortion has put our society in moral peril, causing “an immense threat to life: not only the life of individuals but also to that of civilization as a whole” (Hurley 25). Pro-choice activists believe that this way of thinking is “completely and callously indifferent to the enormous, avoidable suffering such attitudes are inflicting on individuals and the community” (Hurley 14). They believe that legalization has increased the prominence of women in important positions, and garnered greater acceptance for women who choose not to have children. Another supposed effect of legalizing abortion believed by the anti-choice movement is that legalizing abortion has spread an attitude of sexual permissiveness, since one need not worry about potential pregnancy. Yet the pro-choice movement denies this charge, insisting that the popularity of sexual permissiveness is due to a growing cultural rebellion against sexual

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