Abductive reasoning

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  • City Farewell Speech Analysis

    believe you want to this. You also gave us a background of the whole LA Strong hashtag and why we do it, and I like how you said, “When we help a woman escape a violent home or when we help a young man avoid crime, we make LA Strong.” This was a strong intelligent and logical reasoning of why it is your main priority to make LA…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Truth About Child Soldiers By Mark Drumbl

    The rising crisis in the East brings to light the horrors of war and with it the need to discuss riveting matters such as the child soldier epidemic. “The Truth About Child Soldiers” is an article which seeks to make the reader think about the subject in a different light. To do this, Mark Drumbl uses deductive reasoning and ethical thinking to convince the reader that although child soldiers should pay for their actions, they should all be considered individually and given suitable punishments.…

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  • Example Of Deductive Reasoning Essay

    1. Deductive reasoning is that process of reasoning in which one moves from the general premise to the specific one. The truth of the conclusion depends on the truth of the premises. Inductive reasoning instead is the process of reasoning that begins with the specific then moves to the general. Abductive reasoning is an explanation of some experienced or observation of events but you cannot explain the event or do not have knowledge. It can be true or may not be true. 2. 1).…

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  • What Is The Similarities Between Primary And Secondary Components?

    Analogy is greatly related to legal reasoning on many levels. The first being "The more relevant the similarities between primary and secondary analogues, the stronger the argument." (pg 527) As with legal reasoning, cases are based upon similarities. Let 's say Pole, a non-organic strawberry company, is being sued for claiming their product is "just as healthy as organic strawberries." Pole 's defense is that their strawberries look the same, smell the same and most importantly are the same…

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  • The Critique Of Bertrand XV: The Value Of Philosophy

    Some would say that philosophy and the critical thinking that comes with it is as important to the mind and soul as food is to the body. This influence philosophy has on an individual has been argued as having various degrees by innumerable scholars. One such that makes the case for its relevance is Bertrand Russell, in his The Problems of Philosophy, most notably in “Chapter XV: The Value of Philosophy.” In his writings, Russell strongly illustrates the value philosophy holds and the importance…

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  • Compare And Contrast Descartes And David Hume

    Hume says that it is “impossible” for them to do so, due to their “imperfect understandings” (Hume, 70). However, Hume explains that this idea does not just apply to non-human animals. He concludes, “Animals, therefore, are not guided in these inferences by reasoning: Neither are children: Neither are the generality of mankind, in their ordinary actions and conclusions: Neither are philosophers themselves, who, in all the active parts of life, are, in the main, the same with the vulgar, and…

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  • Examples Of Machismo In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

    “In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story” (Cronkite). Machismo is a spectrum with various levels. There are both positive and negative sides to the gamut of machismo. In Chronicles of a Death Foretold, the narrator goes back to the town where Santiago is brutally murdered by the Vicario brothers, in search for truth about guilt or innocence. Bayardo San Roman, Angela’s ex-husband, returns Angela for losing her virginity before marriage. The Vicario brothers murder Santiago to…

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  • Differences Between Coaching And Mentoring

    , para. 2). We all have different levels of thinking and critical thinking allow us to examine why we made the choices we did and to give us clarification, so we don’t make assumptions about those choices. It is import to make the right decisions as quickly as possible and critical thinking allow us to do that because it makes it possible to apply analytic and logical reasoning to the situation that we are exposed to by determining if the information is relevant. During the public speaking…

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  • John Locke's Theory Of Rationalism

    There is a clear distinction between rationalism and empiricism–two theories of epistemology, which focuses on the theory knowledge through a philosophical lens. Rationalism centers around the ability to use knowledge with reasoning and that knowledge comes from innate ideas. Others believe that our senses could actually lead to true knowledge, as opposed to relying on innate ideas and reasoning. Many criticize rationalism and whether innate knowledge exists or is even pertinent. In this paper,…

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  • Ladder Of Inference Essay

    I am a sports analyst for a radio station in Ghana called Gaskiya Fm transmitting on the frequency 105.5 mhz and on tunein as Gaskiya Fm. Recently, there was a conflict encountered at Gaskiya Fm and I will like to share it and analyse it with the critical thinking tools studied at UoPeople. A standard radio sports show in Ghana should last for a duration of two hours. 30 minutes dedicated to foreign news, 30 minutes for local news, 40 minutes for analysis of the news and 20 minutes for…

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