Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

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  • Saudi Arabia Stability

    Saudi Arabia, the Key to Middle East Stability The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s role as the key to Middle East stability is becoming more important in the current world climate, more specifically the United States Central Command Area of Operations. General regional instability of the Middle East, religious conflicts, and Iranian hegemonic intentions add to obstacles for Saudi Arabia to overcome. These issues also undermine United States’ interests to bring peace to the region. Saudi Arabia’s primary religion is Muslim. This is further broken down into Sunni and Shia, with Sunni taking the majority of 85-95% of the population and Shia encompassing another 10-15%. As stated on the CIA World Factbook: Despite having a large expatriate…

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  • Saudi Arabia Operational Environment

    Saudi Arabia: Contemporary Operational Environment Looking at Saudi Arabia, we must first analyze what makes a massive, barren landscape hospitable to more than 31 million Saudis. 129,000 miles of border and 158 miles of coastline including the only country with both the Red Sea and Persian Gulf access makes Saudi Arabia a very viable trade route. What exports does this country produce to sustain itself and its military? How does Religion play into its politics? Where does the loyalty of its…

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  • Saudi Arabia Research Papers

    Border Saudi Arabia is located in southwestern Asia, and is its linking point between Asia and the Africa. The majority of Saudi Arabia is the desert region 's environment and It has a diversity of terrain and climate. Saudi Arabia is a major axis in the national, regional and global decision-making. Saudi Arabia is characterized by large area compared to countries in the region, it also has a very long border with many countries. Each border of Saudi Arabia represents a challenge and Security…

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  • The Water Company In Saudi Arabia Case Study

    The Water Company in Saudi Arabia One of the biggest issue in Saudi society nowadays is that The Water company changed the price for water service which affected all customers who had late payment. The customers were obliged to pay the new charge. The CEO of the water company, Abdullah Alhoseen, said that it was the customers’ fault. However, a lot of customers who paid their bills on time, they found out that their new bills increased few times. For example, Mohammed who lived in Dammam…

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  • Islamic Criminal Justice System

    order the United States and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia couldn’t be more different in their execution of criminal justice. Criminal Justice in the United States began as soon as white European settlers landed in America. Under the leadership…

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  • My Personal Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis

    I therefore plan to dedicate 3 hours a week to the study of solar energy. I also plan to volunteer for 3 hours a week at the King Abdullah council for renewable energy to get an overview of the industry’s dynamics. I also need to try and consciously make social connections which are not only important for my personal life, but also in making career based networks. I also need to reconfigure myself and know that it is okay for things not to be in my control all the time, this will help me manage…

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  • The Effect Of Oil Exports In Venezuela

    Venezuela is a country who depends entirely on their oil exports, therefore, it can be “profoundly affected by the impact of plummeting prices.” (Ortiz) The effect of these crisis can be felt by the Venezuelan students in the U.S. Ortiz states that “in the fall 2015 some 300,000 students were shut out of their universities, and many who were hoping to study abroad could not.” From the chart it can be seen that Venezuela sends around 7,890 students to the U.S. even though it’s export from the…

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  • Riyadh City Transportation Project

    King Abdul-Aziz Project for Riyadh Public Transportation is a heavy civil infrastructure project under construction. The project is worth $ 22.5 billion. It has two major elements. The first element is Riyadh Metro while the other part is Riyadh Bus Project. In this paper, we will investigate the metro project. Riyadh Metro is a rapid transit system located in the capital city of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This new public transportation system is considered as the spine of the King Abdul-Aziz…

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  • Oil Prices Affecting The Economy

    As previously mentioned, the Saudi Arabian nation are toughing this economic ordeal out and show no sign of trying to prop up prices as they have in the past. This nation has built up a reserve of foreign currency that will help them finance their deficits and push the country forward. Interestingly enough, if low oil prices persist, Saudi Arabia may have to cut back on some of the social programs it had instituted after the Arab Spring. Within the country, the subject has had been a source of…

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  • Housing Crisis In Saudi Arabia Essay

    when can they own a home 3-2 ex. B- solution 1-provide a home for citizens 2- encourage private companies to contribute in this issue 3- Social responsibility 4- C- some consequences 1- loyalty 2- % marriage goes up 3- economic goes up 4- Recently, the housing crisis has become an increasingly controversial issue in the Saudi Arabia. There are diverse arguments when it comes to the issue of the community. For several decades, housing crisis in Saudi Arabia has gradually appeared…

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