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  • Primordial Soup Hypothesis Essay

    Primordial Soup Hypothesis: The scientist involved in the hypothesis was A.I. Oparin and J.B.S. Haldane. The year the hypothesis was presented was in 1920. The claim of the scientist was that life began in a pond or ocean and chemicals in the atmosphere mixed to form all the the species today. The evidence that was presented to the scientist was that the first organisms were autotrophs. The experiments the scientist did was they mixed methane, ammonia, water , hydrogen , and not oxygen. The reasoning the scientist gave to support their theory was the result was nothing because they had problems with their theory like the early atmosphere had different chemicals and that amino acids have to become proteins. The Primordial Soup Theory. (n.d.). Retrieved September 12, 2015. Iron-Sulfur World Hypothesis: The scientist involved in the hypothesis was Gunter Wachtershauser. The year the hypothesis was presented was in the 1980s. The claim of the scientist was he postulated the evolution of chemical pathways as fundamentals of the evolution of life. The evidence that was presented by the scientist was The energy released from red ox reactions of these metal sulfides is not only available for the explanation of organic molecules, but also for the formation of oligomers and polymers. The experiments involved in testing the hypothesis was one that Stanley Miller did , in the experiment he mixed methane, ammonia, and hydrogen to form basic monomers. The reasoning the scientist gave…

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  • Evolution In Schools

    proven observational science. As Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell from an article in Answers in Genesis says, observable science is testable repeatable, and a person could use the five senses as evidence. Scientists might say we have a huge fossil record to look towards which is observable. Yes, but there are still many missing links to the fossil record and having a fossil of each organism does not mean that monkeys and men have the same ancestor. Multiple fossils simply state there are many different…

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  • Type 2 Diabetes And Obesity

    The people who are not overweight it might show another part of type 2 diabetes. Human diets are complicated however no clinical evidence indicates that certain diets are more effective at getting rid of weight. However, certain diets can be harmful, and others can be helpful. Data of this shows that food choices, energy intake, and BMI are the results of problems in the adipose mass. Also, taste and food patterns are affected by genetics as well, but this evidence does not affect type 2…

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  • BP1: The Scientific Method

    Abiogenesis is the process of life coming from inanimate chemistry, the first indication that this was possible came in 1952 when Stanley Miller filled a flask with water heated it enough to evaporate and had a tube with which water could evaporate into another flask filled with methane, hydrogen, and ammonia, along with an electric spark in the flask with the gases in it, and a second tube leading to the flask with water so the evaporated water can return to the original flask of water again…

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  • Compare Evolutionism And Creationism

    was based on Darwin’s research so there are facts and figures to support the theory, and Darwin was a famous scientist who developed the ‘Theory of Evolution’ which the fundamental base for our modern science. In a documentary that I have watched on Discovery Channel, it shows that the origin of species was from the microorganism in the ocean that evolved through time by growing limbs to adapt to the environment. They diversified through millions of years and became living species that we can…

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  • Polio's Influence On Society

    They worked on disproving spontaneous generation. Also known as abiogenesis, spontaneous generation is the belief that living things could arise from nonliving things. Worms and flies were often seen on decaying meat, which led many to believe that that’s where they originated from. Francesco Redi was the first out of the three to try and disprove this theory. He proved that flies and maggots do not come from rotting meat, but from the eggs laid on the meat. His experiment, however, did not turn…

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  • Evolution Of The Apes

    days each consisting of 24 hours and that all the plants and animals that once existed are now extinct. Creation sciences says that ‘god created animals similar to the animal that we know but throughout time there were microevolutions. The second ‘main belief system’ is the theistic evolution view. This is basically the evolution that most people tend to think about when the ‘big bang’ is brought up. The big bang theory states at one point in time, everything inflated from a single point in…

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  • Why Is Evolution Important

    depending entirely on the shell. This indicates that these species have certain variations between them based on their geographical location. It would be awhile for his hypothesis to gain footing, eventually becoming a scientific theory. Due to the extreme controversy a magnitude of evidence was required for support which it indeed found it. More than a hundred years after Darwin 's theory was established we had discovered DNA these stands which are fundamental for life to occur had only…

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  • Origin Of Life Essay

    that lived 220 million years prior. Actually, you and microscopic organisms can follow a relative who lived billions of years back. Continue about-facing, and you achieve the most established proof of life on Earth, around 3.9 billion years prior. Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and those years were totally aggressive poisonous to our life. The early environment was lethal, and a consistent space rock barrage stirred the scene into an overall sea of liquid rock. When the earth settled down to be…

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  • The Laws Of Thermodynamics

    drifting toward absolute entropy. Another way to state the Second Law is this: energy can only be transferred from systems of high energy to systems of low energy. The heat between a hot kettle and room temperature air flows in the direction of the air until the two are at equilibrium. In other words, systems prefer to stay at a point of lowest potential energy. The two challenges seemingly posed by the Second Law toward life’s existence is that life cannot spontaneously exist in a universe bent…

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