Evolution In Schools

Molecule-To-Man evolution has been taught as fact in public schools for as long as many can remember but why? There are many theories of how humans came to be, although widely accepted evolution is only another theory. Evolution is “where changes occur in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift” (dictionary.com, Evolution)). Although evolution has some scientific background, it should only be taught in schools as a theory to allow students exploration of their personal beliefs. Because personal beliefs are well respected in Canada, there are laws to protect us on evolution disputes.

Everyone has fundamental freedoms and rights, this includes things such
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Students and teachers don’t always agree nevertheless teachers should know how to deal with differences of opinion throughout the classroom. All the time it takes a teacher to build up trust with their students can be crushed if they cannot cooperate. As the University of Waterloo States “Trying to win an argument will turn a disagreement into a battle for dominance. Intimidation tactics can cause students to challenge you further and discourage their participation.” Why argue about evolution while teachers can explain there are many theories? It seems to be a simple resolution. Similarly, more than student-teacher relationships can be disrupted: family and friends can be broken in the same way a religious student’s relationship with God, or any other figure, may be damaged. For instance, a child comes home after school and tells their parents what they learned, “I was taught about evolution!” the child says, however the parents were not pleased. When a child is learning something different from what his or her family believes in they are subject to criticism, even when they have done nothing wrong. The student can become scared to tell parents about their school life, creating mistrust within the family. In the same way, if a student has religious values, their relationship with God, or other religious figure, could be weakened. While teachers are instructing about the theory of evolution, children are being transformed. Teachers are feeding very impressionable minds. Every child wants to incorporate evolution into what they believe because that’s what society is forcing on them, but this will damage their faith. For a religious student to be true to his or her faith they must defend it but this creates tension in the classroom. The tension will be relieved when schools make sure evolution is taught as theory not fact,

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