The Scopes Trial Essay

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Who would of know that the discovery of a small fragment of a human cranium parietal bone would be so controversial to the understanding of human evolution? Even though we had already found human ancestral remains that contributed to the thoughts of modern humans this new piece of the puzzle created a ripple not only in the way schools were taught but also the way humans saw religion. But it wasn’t till the connection between primates and humans that flipped the world upside down. This discovery posed a conflict with the biblical timeline that most religions believe in; do we suddenly change our perfectly created understanding of the way we were created just because a small piece of what may be human remains while stifling the growth of science …show more content…
This came into play especially after Tennessee’s governor signed a bill restricting academic freedom such as incorporating; required daily bible reading in the schools or forbid the employment of radical or pacifist teachers. This being the antievolution law which the ACLU decided they could fight if a Tennessee teacher was willing to go to court to test the law there. The most unpredictable place for The Scopes Trial to take place; Dayton. Here john scopes inclined toward his father’s views about government and religion was later prosecuted for his teachings of evolution. The prosecution for his teachings was not necessarily a criminal one but more a public debate on what was going to be limited, and of the main issue being obscurity instead of evolution vs antievolution. For most Christians, the violation of the law that theses teachers broke was the disgrace that questioned who should have the right to teach their children the “truth” of evolution. This started a trend that most Christians didn’t appreciate or accept. What made things worse not only were teachers teaching evolution to their students, but instead now Negros, bell hops, and believers were telling people their views of

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