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  • Charlie Munger Case Study

    Charlie Munger Biography Charles T Munger was born on January 1st 1924 in Omaha Nebraska. Charlie first gained a degree in Mathematics from the University of Michigan before going to Harvard and gaining a Law degree in 1948. In 1965 Charlie decided that he would leave the law profession to pursue a career in managing investments. Charlie’s investment partnership was very successful achieving a compounding rate of return of 19.8% from 1962-1975, in other words $1000 invested in 1962 would be worth $10,470 in 1975 (compared to the Dow Jones which had an average compound rate of return of 4.9%). After wrapping up his investment partnership Charlie was introduced by a mutual friend to Warren Buffett, a meeting which would be the beginning of the…

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  • Charlie Chaplin Informative Speech

    Charlie Chaplin once said, “To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it.” Charlie Chaplin was the best comedian actor performing in the 20th century. He had everyone on the edge of their seats laughing through their tears, the mark of a true comedic actor. He knew how to play with his audience and make them laugh at everything, which is a rare trait that not everyone possess. Now since he has passed, Bill Murray has kept up his work by making people laugh at…

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  • The Great Dictator Analysis

    Charlie Chaplin is most well-known for his character The Tramp, as well as writing, directing, and starring in his own films. Just as Hollywood was moving into “talkies” or films with sound, Chaplin was still going against the grain. He remained one of the last silent film stars until the release of the political satire comedy-drama The Great Dictator in 1940. Besides his singing part in Modern Times, this was the first time audiences heard Chaplin’s true voice. The Great Dictator tells the…

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  • The Importance Of Nothingness In Ernest Hemingway's A Clean Well-Lighted Place

    Nothing is Needed for Something Many people judge their success on how much they have and the material possessions around them; Ernest Hemingway, however, believes people must accept they are nothing to achieve true success and happiness. Nothingness is a difficult concept for many to grasp, but it becomes more clear with age what nothingness means. People also often do not want to accept or believe they are nothing in the world. Most believe they have a specific purpose and are in some way…

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  • Charlie Gordon In Flowers For Algernon

    shows how the protagonist, Charlie Gordon, tries to change the way he is viewed in society from a mentally incapacitated individual to having a highly developed, profound mind. Give more background: An example of this is revealed after he speaks to Alice Kinnian and feels slightly rejected and says: “One of the things that confuses me is never really knowing when something comes up from my past, (…) I’m like a man who’s been half-asleep all his life, trying to find out what he was like before…

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  • Analysis Of Sartre's Philosophy Of Freedom

    The author of our textbook states that “the freedom that Sartre discovers in phenomenology is much more radical than that found in everyday life by the person-in-the-street, and indeed Sartre argues that the goings-on of everyday experience disguise from us the depth of our freedom” (Palmer, 244-245). We have the choice as to whether or not to get up in the morning. Knowing that we must make this choice everyday takes the unease out of the equation. It is an everyday occurrence that covers…

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  • Charlie Sheen Personality Traits

    Carlos Irwin Estevez, also known as Charlie Sheen is a popular American Actor who was born on September 3, 1965 in New York. He was born to Martin Sheen, who was also an actor, and Janet Templeton, who was an artist. He has two brothers whose names are Emilio and Ramon. He also has a sister whose name is Renee. All of them are actors. He first appeared in a movie at his age of 9. The name of the movie was ‘The Execution of Private Slovik’ which was his father’s movie which was in 1974. When he…

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  • Analysis Of Charlie Chaplin's City Lights

    By now we are familiar with Charlie Chaplin’s silent films and his talents; not only as a pantomime actor but also as a writer and director. Certainty, his 1931 silent film “City Lights” is a proof of his talent as an actor, writer, chorographer and director (Kamin) . The film gave Chaplin the opportunity to display his creative talents within the silent film industry. Although, Chaplin’s talents are numerous we are going to concentrate on his acting performance in the “City Lights” film. In…

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  • Popular Entertainment In The 1920's

    cheap land and labor, the accessible scenery, and suitable climate ideal for the year-round filming. Each year Hollywood would release about 700 movies, dominating worldwide film production. A small group of companies such as Paramount and 20th Century Fox, dominated over the film industry. These companies owned their own production facilities, controlled theater chains committed to showing the companies’ movies, and even kept actors, directors, and screenwriters under contract. Soon after, the…

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  • The Passion Of Joan Of Arc Analysis

    The silent cinema offers a treasure grove for the study of film acting. In the absence of sound, it shows performers constructing their respective characters by only using their bodies, not their voices. For this reason, silent cinema demands maximum expressiveness from actors. Rather than conveying their emotions by means of words, performers of the silent era knew how to express their feelings through gestures and facial expressions in such a manner that their feelings could be easily…

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