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  • Finding Nemo: Movie Analysis

    The movie Finding Nemo starts out with Marlin and his wife, who are both clownfish, talking about their future in the Great Barrier Reef which they have made their new home and their eggs. Soon a barracuda attacks their home and Marlin is left unconscious. When he is finally awaken, he realizes that his wife and their eggs are gone except one. When the little clownfish is born he names him Nemo. Nemo is born with his right fin smaller than his left because there was damage to his egg when the barracuda attacked his home. It leaves him at a disadvantage and it caused him to swim slower than most fish. During a school trip, Nemo and some of his fish friend sneak away from the group and Nemo tries to show how brave he is and is caught by some…

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  • Finding Nemo By Pixar

    Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” is a visually stunning underwater adventure that follows comedic and eventful journeys of three fish. A father, Marlin, (Albert Brooks) and his son Nemo(Alexander Gould)- who become separated in the Great Barrier Reef. Along with Dory (Ellen Degeneres) a blue tang fish with severe memory loss, Bruce (Barry Humphries) a great white shark whose personality changes when his instincts set in, and many others impact the movie. The movie opens like all Pixar films with small…

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  • Chapter Summary: The Life Along The Great Barrier Reef

    The life along the Great Barrier Reef is full of danger and Marlin, a single parent clown fish, has to protect his son, Nemo. As the time starts for school his dad nervously accompanies him and agonized over his every move. Nemo defies his father and swims to the reef's awesome “drop off” to investigate a boat. Suddenly he gets scooped up by a diver and Marlin helplessly watches the happening. Marlin frantically swims off in search of his son. As he passes a school of fish, he suddenly bumps…

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  • Memory Loss In Finding Dory

    Finding Dory, a film by Pixar Animation Studios is about a blue tang fish named Dory, where as a child, she got separated from her parents. She has short-term memory loss, so at first, when she got lost, she tries to look for her parents and asks other fishes for help but the fishes couldn’t help her because when they asked what are you looking for, Dory forgot what she is looking for. As time passed, she completely forgot about her parents. The only thing that she remembers is a song that goes…

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  • Family Relationships In Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo is a movie that begins with a family of fish. The mother and almost all of her eggs are attacked. The mother is killed along with all of the eggs, except one. The final egg left is named Nemo, and is raised solely by his father, Marlin. In the attack, Nemo was injured and now has one fin that is smaller than the other. He does not let his fin define him and calls it his “lucky” fin. After seeing his family killed, Marlin is very over protective of Nemo and is very nervous to let him…

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  • Finding Amo, And Socializing Messages In Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo is a children’s movie, which tells of a clown fish named Marlin, who is a widower, and only has one son left after a predator attack. Nemo, the son of Marlin, went to school on the first day and ventured out into the open sea, despite the constant concerns from his dad not to. Nemo was then abducted by a diver and taken to a dentist office onshore in Sydney to live in a fish tank with the “tank gang.” Marlin then set out on an adventure to find and save his son, Nemo. On the way,…

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  • Symbiotic Relationship Between Clownfish And Mutualism

    Symbiosis or a symbiotic relationship is a close a relationship/interaction between two organisms of different species. The three main types of symbiosis are mutualism, parasitism, and commensalism. Mutualism is the symbiotic relationship where both the species benefits from the other. For example, clownfish live in sea anemones and because of this the clownfish eventually become immune to the paralyzing sting of the sea anemone. The sea anemone gives the clownfish a home and protects the…

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  • Disney's Role In Finding Nemo

    it didn’t. Between the time of the movie’s release & now, clownfish population around the world has declined by over 75%. The overwhelming demand for clownfish as pets has caused a dearth in their population. To make matters worse, the few clownfish remaining aren’t all the same species, and since they have to reproduce with the corresponding type of clownfish. This further…

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  • Interdependence In The Chesapeake Bay

    and mutualism play huge roles in the Chesapeake Bay. All organisms in the Chesapeake Bay live in a web of interdependence. The ecosystem could not survive without this web. Not only does interdependence affect the food chains in the Bay, it also affects the food pyramid and other major parts of the environment. There are several different types of mutualism in the Bay. One example would be hermit crabs and sea anemones. Hermit crabs gain protection and anemones get food. Another example is…

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  • Alfred Gregory

    noting but it is actually a very important part of the ecosystem. Both the algae and the coral are able to gain nutrients from one another that is important to the survival of both organisms, since both organisms benefit from this relation ship it is called mutualism.” “Wow that’s really cool! I had no idea that algae and coral were so important to each other and I bet Bobbie doesn't know that either! What else can you tell me about our ecosystem?!” Alfred asks. Alfred Senior replies in a…

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