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  • Gainesville Opportunity Center: A Case Study

    The clubhouse model came about after the 1950’s deinstitutionalize movement. The deinstitutionalize movement consisted of many state mental hospitals closing, leaving many homeless and incarcerated. Thousands of people did not have access to medication as well as had no one to case manage their situations. The clubhouse model follows the model of the Fountain House in New York. The Fountain House is a place that became a type of safe haven to those whom were deinstitutionalized, giving them a place to spend time, alongside others that also suffered from similar behavioral healthcare problems. Clubhouse model organizations are open to anyone with a mental illness. Most patients are stigmatized and considered “societal burdens,” however clubhouses…

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  • Mickey Mouse Adaptation

    audience are interested in. As Disney is a large media institution that currently owns a lot of the biggest franchises around the world, they are partnered with ABC who help manage all the television properties and therefore Disney Channels Worldwide have various channels with television programmes aimed at different ages of children. Disney Junior (which replaced Playhouse Disney in 2011) for example has programmes which are aimed at children aged 8 and under, that help children learn about…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Kid's Clubhouse

    A time that I have ever taken a leadership role was when I was a junior staff at Kid’s Clubhouse when I was 14. We had taken the kids to the Museum of Natural Science in Raleigh, NC because the place we were going to go had been closed down. It was organized chaos and the kids were wanting to run around the place but we had to remember that everyone was suppose to be back at the bus by 3:30 pm. The time went by and and my partner lost track of time so I had to stand up and tell her that we had…

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  • Clubhouse/Drucker Brain Injury Center Case Study

    The Clubhouse/Drucker Brain Injury Center is a community-based program for individuals that have a disability due to a brain injury. The focus of the Clubhouse is to provide the members with a work-ordered day routine and daily life skills. The program promotes self-sufficient living, personal success, skill acquisition, social skill development, and role restoration. All those skills are crucial for the population that the clubhouse serves which is adults with developmental disabilities. There…

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  • ELMIRA (WENY): A Case Study

    ELMIRA (WENY) - As a way to prevent substance abuse in our community, Trinity of Chemung is offering a new program for students. It's aimed at middle and higher schoolers to make sure the drug and alcohol problem we see in our area doesn't continue to grow. It's called the Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Clubhouse. Through New York State funding, Trinity of Chemung was one of for recipeants awarded $244,700 annually, for the next five years, to bring in the new program. The clubhouse…

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  • Atlanta Braves Case Study

    During the 2013 season, while in the Atlanta Braves organization I worked directly with Marie Spano. I held the position of Low A Strength & Conditioning Coach at the Rome Braves affiliate, and she was the organization’s Minor League Nutritionist. From the first introduction during Spring Training, communication was outstanding. Being that it was her first year working in an MILB capacity, she did have a few eye opening moment/obstacles towards the end of camp, and the first couple of weeks…

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  • Holder Boyfriend: A Short Story

    Dallas. Zeek can transfer Gator to his chapter and hopefully the Feds will be happy with their takedown of my club and leave her alone. They’re gone barely five minutes when the Feds move in. The infamous Holder crashes through our gates finding every brother in the clubhouse putting away some booze. A few of the guys are getting in one last blow job. On my orders, no one puts up resistance. “What are you smiling about asshole?” This Holder guy is a real dick with a serious Napoleon complex.…

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  • My Hero Narrative

    You do not have to have super powers to be a hero. You do not have to have be given the medal of honor to be a hero. I have to believe that everyone has a hero. My hero is my brother, Chris. My brother Chris and I are seven years difference in age. When we were younger, I would go and watch him play sports. He loved sports but he had bad feet. I always enjoyed this time watching him. He was the coolest big brother. It all started back when my brother was about 12 or 13 years old. He…

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  • Gatehouse Observation Report

    The Gateway House is a non-profit organization that helps to serve mentally ill individuals within the community. Gateway House serves members by opening opportunities to build friendship, participate in work units, and obtain employment and education. Not only does Gatehouse have a clubhouse where members come to meet on a daily basis to participate in the programs offered, it also has several different housing buildings for members who require more assistance. The organization is located…

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  • Employee Engagement Summary

    the concepts to an existing company. Frontier House, a program of North Range Behavioral Health, utilizes both flat and functional organizational structures (Suttle 2017). This structure consists of a director, four Rehabilitation Counselors and an Employment Specialist. While this is the entirety of the structure for paid employees, there is another level of “employee” below the Rehabilitation Counselors: the clients, or as they are called in the Clubhouse world, members. Frontier House…

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