Mickey Mouse Adaptation

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“Animation is about not the duplication of life, but the suggestion and illusion of it and especially imposing that illusion onto things that would other have life.”

In this literature review, I will look into the importance of adaptation in regards to transforming words into animated stories for children. The reasons for me focusing on this is because I find adaptation to be interesting in terms of getting important information across to different age groups, but children in particular as children learn a lot at an early stage of development and characters with a strong design have an impressive impact on young lives.
Adaptation is important as changing written media into a visual format means that the accessibility of the content is
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Mickey Mouse’s first notable debut appearance was in 1928 in “Steamboat Willie” which was so successful it led him and Walt Disney to international fame. Mickey Mouse has an appealing design doesn’t necessarily need a story to be understood, other people 's perceptions of him can give him a likeable personality and he is still a well-known character 88 years later, proving his longevity even with a few redesigns. An interesting story about Mickey Mouse and his solid character design making an impact was noted by John Grant, “In the 1950s, an American doctor was operating a hospital ship of the coast of South East Asia, clearly the symbol of the Red Cross wasn’t a powerful enough attractant. The doctor got permission to put a big picture of Mickey Mouse on the side of the ship. Sure enough, all the local kids came down to the beach for medical check-ups, kids who had never even heard of Mickey, it was the symbol of his face that attracted them.” This is evidence of the importance of character design when it comes to appealing to children, as just an inviting friendly face can be enough to get young people interested, this relates to me and my practice as an animator, as I need to create characters that an audience are interested

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