How Does Anime Affect Children

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Anime and its Impact on Children
Perfect and colorful graphics, a solid story, breathtaking characters and an awesome theme, these are some of the characteristics of Japanese-style animation which also is well known as “Anime”. Anime also is referred to the comic version of Japanese animation. Anime is popular among children all over the globe. Since its international success from the early 90s, anime has become children’s and adults’ favorite. Unlike another form of animation, anime portrays its characters and setting close to the reality which draws attention from its viewers, especially children. Characters demonstrating absolute discipline, determination, and high moral values in anime attracts children and they tend to incorporate these
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The research done in relation to anime and children’s aggressive behavior explains, “Most of the anime character shows a great skill of fighting, in which most of the students would learn and imitate from their observation through those programme” (Omar, Binti & Iza, Sallehuddin. 15). However, children learn a great deal of positive interaction lessons from the anime they watch. Anime characters are humble and courteous to one another. They use proper language and gestures during conversations whether it may be a friend or a foe. Likewise, research done on how children use media brands to cope with everyday life, states that, “The emotional affective attachment to the characters does not only allow them to actively and intensively deal with their topics, but also to feel strong and successful. By looking at the world from the perspective of their heroes, they are gaining the attention and the respect they are missing in real-life social relationships” (Claudia, Lampert & Paus-Hasebrink, Ingrid. 13). As children learn to respect others and create their positive mentality they gradually improve their social and interactive skills. Hence, anime helps children to be interactive and …show more content…
The public thinks anime can only have a negative effect on children. Nevertheless, anime imparts valuable life facts and lessons which make a child more mature in thoughts. In a psychological study on how children use anime to cope with everyday life, Theo, a one-fourth of Arabic decent child who is always bullied by his classmate tries to cope with the situation by thinking his favorite anime situation "the people are trying to protect the earth by risking their lives" (Claudia, Lampert & Paus-Hasebrink, Ingrid. 11). Theo thinks of his heroes and how hard and disciplined they have to be in order to achieve such strong mentality and courage to save the earth. Likewise, Theo deals with his bullying friends by being patient and thinking that one day they will surely know what is the right thing to do. So, children who watch anime are likely to be more creative in solving problems and dealing with the situations

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