Compare And Contrast Hamlet And The Lion King

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Rarely can you find things in life that are considered as “Impossible”. Have you ever met any children who don’t like watching cartoons? This issue is mostly impossible under normal circumstances since cartoons are just like kids; they create a world to which kids can relate to. Children like funny things that are compatible with their dreams and imaginations. Thus, cartoons can provide them with these favorite concepts more than any other activity such as playing with friends. Watching cartoons do not depend on specific age. Turns and twists in the film screens capture the interest of many and develop their preference to a specific type of these animations. “The song of “The Lion King” movie somehow found its way into international households” (Ratiba 2012). How many of you can imagine that one of Shakespeare’s deep stories can be transcribed into a very simple cartoon that everyone can enjoy? The Lion King, one of Disney’s most legendary movies, illustrates all the aspects and events that took place in hamlet story in a magical, enthusiastic pattern. All the story events take place in a …show more content…
Although both characters end up killing their uncles, Simba’s movie didn’t end up by a tragic way since it wasn’t his fault. However, the only Hamlet’s goal after his father’s death was to take revenge on his uncle and then suicide. In addition, hamlet’s father convinces his son to kill his uncle while in The Lion King story, Simba’s father tells his son to take his proper place in the circle of life and take care of the kingdom. This means that The Lion King story was viewed in a more optimistic and hopeful way without dark and tragic schemes. Throughout Simba’s story design, Disney proved to be successful in developing a family-friendly movie instead of enduring and classical

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