Coach Carter

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  • Coach Carter Character Analysis

    new coach takes over for the boys’ basketball team, the Oilers. Coach Ken Carter is very serious about this new job and he takes on the responsibility of this team with only four wins on their previous season. He holds the boys to a very high standard: they have to sign a contract that states that they will get above a 2.3 GPA, they will get progress reports from their teachers, and they must respect the coach…

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  • Themes In The Movie Coach Carter

    It’s What Lies in Our Hearts Sportsmanship, leadership, communication and determination are a few valuable characteristics you will see in a successful team. Cockiness, attitude, arrogance and abandonation of the team, are deplorable characteristics seen in many inferior teams. In the movie Coach Carter, cockiness, attitude, arrogance and abandonation are traits the members of the team show but, no matter how hard or long it takes, Ken Carter wants to prove to them that if they are able to…

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  • Coach Carter

    Coach Carter: Coach Carter (Ken Carter) took up a job that was offered to him at his old high school at Richmond High. After careful thinking and talking with his wife, he takes up the job in order to try to help the underprivileged individuals in the neighborhood improve themselves. His main goal was to lead and motivate his student-athletes on the basketball team. From the minute he takes over the team, he gives the athletes a contract that they can sign if they wish to play for the team,…

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  • Coach Carter Sociology

    Coach Carter, this movie changed my life and opened my eyes into the macro perspective in how the film displays positive and negative changes in social and technological changes. I will convey how Coach Carter transformed many uneducated, poor, unpassionate high school basketball losers into not only winners, but passionate educated men of society. Coach Carter takes over as head basketball coach at Richmond high school, where he graduated and was the all-time leading scorer and assist maker.…

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  • Stereotypes In Coach Carter

    600 personal response The miss-representation the first meeting between the Richmond basketball team, and their new coach. One of the students shows attitude to the coach and treats him like a man of his own age as he talks disrespectfully, eventually the student attempts to punch the coach, and the coach blocks the punch and pushes the student into the wall. This scene clearly outlines the manners which the students in Richmond have been brought up with and follows the representations and…

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  • Coach Carter Lockout Analysis

    diploma, especially in inner cities where children are surrounded with violence on a daily basis. Society has made assumption about the black men intelligence since slavery times. Black men were always treated as though they were less than then everyone else and have been given the shorter end of the stick. Coach Carter was released in 2005 and According to the NAACP, the graduation rate for African American male students for the nation as a whole in 2005–06 was 47 percent. In 2005–06, less than…

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  • The Groundwork In The Film Coach Carter

    Throughout the movie, Coach Carter places emphasis on the contract signed by both him and the team. Carter prioritises the student part of student athlete, stating that he imposes these rules for the betterment of the team. According to the statistics in the movie- he is correct in doing so. Young African Americans from age 18- 24 are 30% likely to get arrested and youth from impoverished neighbourhoods such as Richmond are 80% more likely to either wind up dead or behind bars. By laying down…

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  • Coach Carter Leadership Style Analysis

    Transforming Leadership on the Court The movie “Coach Carter” is based on the real-life story of Ken Carter who returns to his former high school to bring back the basketball team. This school was in an African American community, where graduating only occurred about half of the time. The school allowed the players to walk around like they were above the law and saw basketball as the best times of the lives of many of the players- not the potential of them to be successful in school, let alone…

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  • Coach Carter Act 1 Scene 1

    1 : Coach Carter arrival (9:00m) The new coach of the Richmond basketball team made his arrival in front of the players who totally lack of discipline and have a arrogant behaviour. Ken Carter replaces a coach nearing retirement and was visibly overtaken by events. This former coach failed into managing the teenagers due to a lack of authority to deal with players who had decided to do what they want. Mister Carter will first attempt to inculcate moral values in his group of players. Respect is…

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  • Dean Smith Biography Essay

    at Emporia High school and his father was the coach of the varsity basketball team. Dean Smith graduated and went to the University of Kansas and majored in mathematics, but still played sports such as varsity baseball, varsity basketball, and freshman baseball. Dean Smith was not just a respected Coach by other players and coaches, but he was a hero to almost every person who played for him or knew him. Dean Smith became the head coach of UNC in 1961. (Dean Smith Biography)…

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