The Intervention Strategy For Student Success In Coach Carter's The Lock Out

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Black men are more likely to go to prison or end up dead than to graduate from high school with a high school diploma, especially in inner cities where children are surrounded with violence on a daily basis. Society has made assumption about the black men intelligence since slavery times. Black men were always treated as though they were less than then everyone else and have been given the shorter end of the stick. Coach Carter was released in 2005 and According to the NAACP, the graduation rate for African American male students for the nation as a whole in 2005–06 was 47 percent. In 2005–06, less than half of all African American male students received diplomas with their class. The film was based on a true story in 1999 and the national …show more content…
“The Lock Out” was an intervention strategy for student success. Coach Carter gave them multiple chances for them to prove to themselves and to him that they care about their future. “The Lock Out” gave each player a chance to look at themselves and evaluate their own performance, for example when Worm said “No, man, it 's just funny, dog, because, Junior, man, you thought it was bad all us knew your dumb ass was failing science, now the whole world about to know your dumb ass failing science” to Junior Battle, it was a wakeup call to all the players. The lock out was necessary because Coach Carter wanted and expected more from his players. He wanted his players to strive for more than playing basketball and winning games, he was teaching his players the responsibilities of a man, student and a basketball player. This strategy was effective because after the meeting about opening the gym back up Coach Carter made a statement that if they gym open up he will quit which he did, the students took it upon themselves to stage their own “Lock Out”. Even through the gym was unlocked the players decided to finish what he started and continue to work on their academic success, One of the players said “they can cut the chains off the door, but they can’t make us play”. Coach Carter motivated one player by asking him one simply question “what is your deepest fear?” and by the end of the lock out the player was able to answer the question. The Coach also enlisted some of the teachers to help his players reach their maximum potential and realize their purpose by changing the way they think about their roles which helped them motivate themselves as well as inspire their teammates and

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