Remember The Titans Reflection

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Remember the Titans Remember the Titans is a sports film based off of true events. The movie follows the 1971 football team from T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. Bill Yoast is the head coach of a successful football team in Alexandria, Virginia. When two school districts are merged into one, Yoast is fired, and Herman Boone is hired as the new head football coach. He respectfully hires Yoast as the defensive assistant coach to make the transition of the football team smoother. Due to the racial tensions of this time, the merger of the two schools is filled with protest. Both black and white football players go to training camp. At first, the players fight and refuse to work together, but with the help of Coach Boone’s strong, …show more content…
There were two main problems that had to be solved in the film. First, both the black and white players on the T.C. Williams High School football team had to work together to create a successful team. Each player was required to change their attitude and open their mind for this to be possible. I believe Coach Boone’s coaching was the solution to this problem. His coaching style was to the point, intense, and equal towards all players. He motivated the players to get to know one another and act as a team through a common goal: ending three to four a day practices. His motivational speech at Gettysburg also inspires harmony amongst the players. Second, the school and community must accept diversity. The football players stand up for each other both at home and in the community to make a positive example. This is demonstrated in a plethora of ways such as Coach Yoast giving up his hall of fame nomination for a fair game, Gerry choosing his values over his girlfriend, and by the boys breaking up racial tension fights at school. Of course, the winning football season also is a major contributor to bringing the community together as a common

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