Analysis Of The Movie Remember The Titans

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For our final and movie presentation I chose to watch the movie Remember the Titans. Many people may not know this, but the movie is a based on a true story. The true story is based on the 1971 Virginia state football champions from T.C. Williams High School. This was one of my favorite movies growing up, but I never watch it from the history side of it. Remember the Titans is a movie that is based around two schools being shut down and all those students being forced into a new school with both African Americans and whites. As we all know in the past mixing the two races different end in a good way. The T.C Williams High School had many issues that needed to be over handled. However, there were problems outside of school, dealing with athletes. Many of these issues had to do with the football team.
The problem with the football team is that they needed a new coach and the African American coach was hired as head coach over the more experienced white coach.
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The movie puts in perspective the struggles that African Americans faced living within white communities. However Coach Boones (Denzel Washington) house was not the only racial discrimination that were happening. Some of them were at the very being of the movie when fights were breaking out on in the streets, in the school, and during the being of football practice. There were several times that the school had racial discrimination issues, such as fighting. I remember that one of the first days of school there were people outside on the street of the school protesting African Americans being allowed into T.C. Williams High School. Another issue that always occurred in the school was fighting. There were several times that whites thought the African Americans were trying to steal their girls or were even just talked to them. The best way that the white thought to deal with this was just to fight, so that’s what they

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