Remember The Titans Analysis Essay

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Remember The Titans is a movie based on a true story of a football team in Alexandria, Virginia. It was 1971, and T.C. Williams High School has just integrated. This doing created confusion in the town of Alexandria but especially in the football team which came from glorious days captained by coach Yoast (Will Patton) and formed by white players only. The school board decided to bring in a new coach, Herman Boone (Denzel Washington) in order to make the new team merge racially successfully. The movie is divided in two main narratives. The first part takes place throughout the training camp which last 2 weeks and shows the conflict between the two races in and out the field. Outside the field it was the new head coach Boone against the …show more content…
In Remember the Titans the director used sound, dialogue and lighting to get the message across to the viewer. The use of this elements reinforce the shots were the integration was bad and the shots were the integration was defeated and showed the town, team, families as one big unit. The sounds (music especially) played an important role in the movie and in getting the message across the screen. In the movie in this case the sound shows the unity and coherence between the team. It can be seen in this clip how the music reinforce a moment where black and white players started to become one. Or in this clip where the all team performs a dance/singing before a game to show to the others how they united they are. The sound played an important part in this scene as well where the all team reunited at the funeral of Gerry Bertier and sings together to say goodbye to …show more content…
The speech are really motivational in order to support and help the players to reach the goal. To become one unit. The most important dialogue is the one at the end of the training camp on the Gettysburg field where coach Boone talks to the players heart to heart. This clip is a great example of how dialogue and with the help of the shots can be used to show the integration and realization of the team. While coach Boone is talking the camera give us close-ups of him talking showing us and the players his emotions; the camera switches between him and the players to show us also how the player are reaction to his speech. It can be seen from their faces expressions that they need to put aside their differences and become one unity. This is where the changes and starts a new narrative where black and white people accept each other and work together. Another important dialogue can be seen in this clip where it shows that the team is finally become one unity and start to work together. The dialogue in this scene goes to reinforce the action of the players that are learning to out aside the racial differences. The huddling and chanting together is a clear representation of the team meshing as one unity. Here is a clip of the moment were sound and dialogue played the key

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