Remember The Titans Film Techniques

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My favorite film is Remember the Titans. The film is about a football team and their struggles with integrating an African American high school and a Caucasian high school. Taking place in Virginia in 1971, the film shows the racial tension of the community using techniques to make it cinematic.
One of the ways that allows the viewer to understand the tension in the movie is with camera angles. The director, Boaz Yakin, uses multiple camera angles to show both segregation and also unity of the foot ball team and community. In one scene, the football team gets onto the bus to go to training camp. The scene shows the black players and families on one side and the white players and families on the other side. Using the camera angle, the director
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The movie uses soul and Motown music throughout. In the scenes when the team starts to come together as one, you can hear the Motown music in the background. The scene where the team is in the locker room singing Aint No Mountain High Enough is very symbolic. This is a turning point in the movie and for one of the first times both the black and white players get along. They start to take turns singing the lyrics of Aint No Mountain High Enough. The symbolism of the song lyrics relate to the unity of the team.
In the last scene of the movie, the football team is standing together at the funeral of one of the star players the team, Gerry Bertier. The team sings the song Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye which was also the song they sang at their first football game after the team is united as one. The scene takes place 10 years after the rest of the movie and by having the players sing the song at the funeral shows they are still united.
Throughout the movie, the director uses narration. The narrator of the movie is the white coach’s daughter, Sheryl Yoast. We see the movie in her point of view as a 10 year old

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