Documentary Analysis: Are We Responsible For Others?

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Chapter 2: Are We Responsible For Others?
“Waiting for Superman” is a bright illustration of young kids that are struggling through the American public education system. Throughout the movie, diverse moments of the American public education system are being tested. Facts were shown such as passive reaction in order to fire a teacher which is overusing his teacher’s rights. The documentary clearly shows that teachers have a huge impact on the educational system, which limits the student’s options. In this movie the teaching process is being questioned for bureaucracy that’s spread out to high authorities, levels beginning from district and ending up with federal standards.
One of the real examples that the book illustrates is the Michelle Rhee case. She was the former chancellor of the Washington, D.C. public schools. This district was known as the worse-performing students at the time that she was a counselor. The example in the documentary explains how teachers are attached to the union agreements that they are bound to and eventually suffer from the misunderstanding between students and education system.
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The difference was obvious when they compared private, charter and state schools in different residential areas. Both poor and rich areas were compared. Some schools such as charter school was able to register their students only by lottery due to lack of spots. The movie shows the different family attitudes applied in order to achieve better education for their children. One of the questions that West is asking in his article “The Moral Obligations of a Democratic Society” is when tradition will stop working in people’s mind to let them feel the freedom of democracy. Some individuals claim that tradition is not something you inherit—if you want it, you must give away something in order to receive it. It’s not something that can be given for

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